Elden Ring What Does Faith Do

What Does Faith Do In Elden Ring?

There are a total of eight stats that can be levelled up in Elden Ring with Runes to improve health, defence, damage, and more. If you’re a little lost at what Faith does in Elden Ring, take a look at our guide right here.

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Faith: What Is It?

In Elden Ring, Faith is used to cast Incantations, a type of magic that can be used to heal yourself, deal damage, enchant objects, cure status effects, and more. Incantations are cast through Sacred Seals, weapons that require a minimum number of levels in Faith to use, but it is also required for some Death and Thorn Sorceries.

You can level up Faith using Runes at Sites Of Grace throughout the Lands Between. Upgrading your Faith will allow you to utilise new weapons and more powerful Incantations. What’s more, if you’ve found a non-Faith weapon you enjoy using in the game and would like to boost its overall damage, you can add Faith scaling to it by infusing it with Faith-based Ashes Of War with Sanctified and Red-Hot Whetblades.

Finally, it’s worth pointing out that casting Incantations consumes both FP and Stamina, so you’re going to want to level up your Mind and Endurance in order to cast more during battles in addition to Vigor (Your health).

Are There Any Items That Boost Faith?

Yep. If you’re running short in Faith levels and need a little boost to utilise a specific weapon or Incantation, there are several items you can equip to provide you with several more levels in Faith. However, it’s important to note that some of these items can deduct levels in other stats, lower your defence or add other types of disadvantages. The Faith boosting items include:

  • Two Fingers Heirloom Talisman: Raises Faith by five
  • Marika’s Soreseal Talisman: Raises Faith, Mind, Intelligence, and Arcane by five but increases damage taken by 15%
  • Marika’s Scarseal Talisman: Raises Faith, Mind, Intelligence, and Arcane by three but increases damage taken by 10%
  • Imp Head helmet: Raises Faith by two
  • Haligtree Knight Helm helmet: Raises Faith by two
  • Haligtree Helm helmet: Raises Faith by one
  • Sacred Crown Helm helmet: Raises Faith by one
  • Ruler’s Mask helmet: Raises Faith by one
  • Commoner’s Simple Garb chest armour: Raises Faith by one

All of the items listed above can help in boosting your Faith. The majority of items are found around the Haligtree, Altus Plateau, and Leyndell, but the Two Fingers Heirloom can be found in the Purified Ruins of Liurnia, the Marika’s Scarseal Talisman can be found in Siofra River, and the Commoner’s Simple Garb can be found in Stormveil Castle.

That’s everything you need to know about Faith and what it does in Elden Ring. While you’re here, why not check out our other Elden Ring guides and news posts, including a study that claims Elden Ring is the most confusing game of 2022 and our review on Elden Ring and whether it’s overrated.

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