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How to get to Nokron in Elden Ring

Nokron is an ancient city that you’ll have to visit if you’re looking to follow Ranni The Witch’s quest and unlock one of the major endings in Elden Ring. Like many other aspects of the game, the location of Nokron isn’t made clear, but you can discover how to get to Nokron in Elden Ring with our guide here.

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Getting To Nokron, Eternal City

You can only get to Nokron once you’ve defeated main boss Starscourge Radahn, who can be found at the southeasternmost point of Caelid at Redmane Castle. By defeating Starscourge Radahn, you’ll trigger a cutscene where the night’s stars are set free with one crashing into the ground in the Mistwood region of Limgrave, creating an entrance to Nokron, Eternal City.

If you fast-travel to the Fort Haight West Site Of Grace in Mistwood, you’ll be able to approach the star’s crash site – you should be able to see giant floating rocks that lead you to its location. Once there, you can climb down into the hole by jumping onto the various ridges and floating rocky platforms available.

We suggest you use Torrent for a little jumping boost and make sure to take your time, it can be very easy to die when climbing into the crater. Eventually, you’ll come across a tunnel you can follow that leads into what looks like some ruins. You should see a large hole in the floor. Drop down into another room and then follow the left-most wall of that room and out a door to emerge onto the rooftop of a building in Nokron, Eternal City.

Finding The First Site Of Grace

Although you’ve reached Nokron, it’s still a long way to the region’s first Site Of Grace. From where you emerge, you’ll want to drop down to the nearby rooftop and follow the narrow walkway to another rooftop, where a new type of enemy – Silver Tears – can be fought.

Although they’re slow, Silver Tears can spit projectiles at you that can deal a fair amount of damage, making them very dangerous in groups. Take them out and continue following the rooftop along to drop onto a slanted building where you can find a Teardrop Scarab.

Follow the slanted building towards a new rooftop and follow it along until you reach an open window in the wall of the building to your left. Enter it and then drop down from the platform into a room with large holes in the floor. Carefully fight the humanoid enemies there and enter the door straight ahead leading into a room with the Nokron, Eternal City Site Of Grace.

From the Site Of Grace, you can continue exploring the area, eventually taking you to the Mimic Tear, Regal Ancestor Spirit, and Valiant Gargoyle duo boss fights. If you explore enough, you should also uncover the treasure required to progress Ranni The Witch’s quest.

Reaching The Top Level Of Nokron

Nokron, Eternal City, is located above Siofra River, but there’s a small explorable area located above the main city with an optional boss fight against a Lesser Crucible Knight and the Mottled Necklace talisman.

You can access this small section of Nokron at any time by using an Imbued Sword Key at the Third Belfry in the western region of Liurnia Of The Lakes to unlock a Waygate. However, you cannot explore the central city from the topmost level of Nokron, you must defeat Radahn and follow the guide above to do that.

That’s it! Now you know how to get to Nokron in Elden Ring you’re on your way to unlocking one of the most popular endings in the game.

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