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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor boss list: How many are there?

There are a total of 43 bosses in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, which includes 17 main boss fights, 13 legendary bosses, and another 12 bounty bosses too. We’ve compiled a list of all main and optional Star Wars Jedi: Survivor bosses below. If you’re missing a few boss encounters or just want to see what encounters you have left, keep on reading below.

There are MAJOR spoilers in this guide, so please be careful!

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Main Boss List

As you progress through the story of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, you’ll have to defeat a total of 17 bosses, three of which are additional encounters of two bosses.

The boss fights listed below cannot be skipped, and they all must be defeated to continue the game’s story. We’ve listed which of the game’s six planets you can find the bosses on, and they’re all listed in the order you’ll face them.

We’re working on publishing guides for all main bosses, linked below, should you need any help with the fights.

  1. K-405 on Coruscant
  2. The Ninth Sister on Coruscant
  3. Zeik on Koboh
  4. Dagan Gera on Koboh
  5. Skriton on Jedha
  6. AT-ST on Jedha
  7. Reprogrammed Magnaguard on Koboh’s Shattered Moon
  8. Drya Thorne on Koboh’s Shattered Moon
  9. Tague Louesh on Koboh
  10. Korej Lim on Koboh
  11. Dagan Gera second fight on Koboh
  12. Rayvis on Koboh’s Shattered Moon
  13. Rick The Door Technician on Koboh
  14. Dagan Gera third fight on Koboh
  15. Bode Akuna on Jedha
  16. Darth Vader on Jedha
  17. Bode Akuna second fight on Tanalorr

Legendary Boss List

In addition to the main bosses in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, there are 13 legendary bosses that you can fight. These bosses aren’t mandatory, but you’ll need to defeat all of them to get the I’m A Living Legend trophy or achievement, towards 100% completion and the platinum trophy.

You can find a list of all legendary bosses below, as well as details on where to find them. You may come across some of them while completing the main story, but they are not mandatory and can be skipped entirely. Others, however, can only be accessed once you’ve unlocked specific story abilities, so it’s best to leave some for end-game.

  1. D-L1T on Coruscant
  2. Frenzied Jotaz on Coruscant
  3. Urgost, Fist Of Rayvis on Koboh
  4. Vile Bilemaw on Koboh
  5. Gorocco Matriarch on Koboh
  6. Rancor on Koboh
  7. The Mire Terror on Koboh
  8. Spawn Of Oggdo on Koboh
  9. The Massiff on Koboh
  10. Beetu Deetu on Koboh
  11. E3-VE3 on Koboh
  12. Golden Skriton on Jedha
  13. Sutaban Alpha on Jedha

Bounty Boss List

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor also has several bounty bosses that you can take on, which are unlocked once you’ve progressed through the story and have defeated Korej Lim as part of the main game. Again, these bosses, with the exception of Korej, are all optional unless you’re aiming for 100% competion and the Caij Match trophy or achievement.

  1. Korej Lim on Koboh
  2. Corde The Half on Jedha
  3. PR-85T The Other Half on Jedha
  4. Kili Oso on Jedha
  5. Yuhong on Jedha
  6. Kip Ostar on Koboh
  7. Meyen Corr on Koboh
  8. Selfin Jook on Koboh
  9. Vaslyn Martz on Koboh
  10. Raz on Koboh
  11. Jo The Cannibal on Koboh
  12. Mash on Koboh’s Shattered Moon
  13. Gatt Medo on Coruscant
  14. Fenn Finau on Nova Garon
  15. KLE-O on Nova Garon
  16. Masi Finau on Nova Garon
  17. Caij on Koboh

Some of the above bounties can appear grouped together, like Corde The Half and PR-85T The Other Half, and Masi Finau, Kle-0, and Fenn Finau. Caij, meanwhile, is only available as a bounty once you’ve defeated all 16 other bounties.

Optional Bosses

Finally, in addition to all of the above, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor also has a few side optional bosses. These bosses aren’t tied to any bounties or are legendary.

These seven toughed-up enemies are completely optional but do provide you with some upgrades, so they’re worth trying! Check out the list of all bosses below:

  1. Vashtan Wolfe in Koboh
  2. Mads Gresh in Koboh
  3. San Dersen in Koboh
  4. Urjef Mekor on Jedha
  5. Sebb Eshan on Jedha
  6. Prince Paten on Jedha
  7. Hytho Pixx on Koboh’s Shattered Moon

That’s it! Now you know how many bosses are in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and where you can find them. Good luck defeating them!

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