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How To Defeat The Ninth Sister In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

The Ninth Sister, formerly Masana Tide, is the first major boss you’ll face in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Although you’ll have limited stimpaks and skills, the Ninth Sister isn’t too difficult of a fight if you know what to do. Check our guide here for information on how to defeat the Ninth Sister in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Fighting The Ninth Sister

You’ll encounter the Ninth Sister while attempting to escape Coruscant in the first chapter of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. An amputee after your second battle in Fallen Order, the Ninth Sister is no joke. She’s strong, hits hard, and likes to use her Force abilities to repeatedly knock you off your feet.

The fight against the Ninth Sister consists of three phases that are split by cutscenes, and the fight progressively gets harder as the Ninth Sister begins to use varying abilities, including the Force. However, a majority of her moves are identical to the fight from Fallen Order, so if you just finished that, you’re in luck. If not, just follow our guide here.

Phase One

During the first phase, we recommend you stick to the single-bladed Lightsaber to hit hard and fast, while the Ninth Sister uses her Dual-Bladed Lightsaber. Her main attacks consist of multiple swings and spins of her Lightsaber that you can easily parry to deplete her stamina. This eventually staggers her, allowing you to land some hits.

However, she’ll occasionally perform a thrust attack that cannot be parried and deals devastating amounts of damage. When she performs this, the Ninth Sister will glow red. There’s a bit of a wind-up to the animation, so wait until she pulls her Lightsaber back and then perform a simple dodge to the left or right to avoid the attack while remaining close to quickly attack back. Avoid rolling, as you’ll move too far from the Ninth Sister to allow for an attack.

In short, you’ll want to continually parry her attacks and dodge the glowing red attack throughout the fight, but always stay close to her to land hits at every opportunity. Once you deplete around a third of her health, a cutscene will trigger to start the fight’s second phase.

Phase Two

In phase two, the Ninth Sister will use all of the attacks from the first phase and at times will use the Force to predict your attacks. When she does this, she’ll hold a hand to her glowing blue head and will dodge every attack you perform, while retaliating and performing red glowing attacks. You can’t do much other than dodge her attacks, but you can interrupt her attacks by performing your own, forcing the Ninth Sister to cancel her attack animation to dodge you – this does not work on the red glowing attacks, so don’t try!

Eventually, the Ninth Sister will use the Force to pull you towards her. When this happens, she’ll stop predicting your attacks, allowing you to continue the fight. Dodge and parry her attacks and land hits whenever you get a chance.

In this phase, the Ninth Sister will perform a parryable strong overhead slash and jump attack, as well as a new red glowing attack where she spins her Lightsaber and thrusts it forward. A simple dodge to her right should be enough to avoid it, and you can easily perform a few basic hits while she recovers.

After depleting another third of her health, you’ll trigger a second cutscene where you unlock a brand-new Dual Wield Lightsaber stance for Cal and start the third and final phase of the fight.

Phase Three

You’ll have to complete the third and final phase using your Dual Wield Lightsaber stance, performing quick attacks in succession to deplete the Ninth Sister’s health. Continue as normal, parrying her basic attacks to deplete her stamina, and then use those openings to get as many hits as possible.

However, the Ninth Sister will begin using new attacks in this phase, including a red glowing attack where she crouches and slams at the ground with her hand twice to create shockwaves. Dodge the attack by jumping over the shockwaves, and try to jump towards her to land a few attacks as she recovers.

Throughout the last remainder of the fight, the Ninth Sister will use the Force to predict your attacks, so continually avoid her attacks until she eventually stops, and then attack whenever you can. We noticed that she liked to use her Force Pull a lot more in the third phase to bring you in for an attack, so react quickly and always remember to dodge when you see her glow red.

Towards the end of the fight, the game will instruct you to perform a Force parry with the Dual Wield Lightsaber. To perform this, create some space between you and the Ninth Sister and then hold the corresponding button (Triangle on PlayStation 5) to perform the Force parry – there’s a long animation, so make sure there’s enough space and time to complete it.

Successfully performing a Force parry and attacking the Ninth Sister after will end the fight, triggering a cutscene and awarding you the Rooftop Duel trophy or achievement. That’s it! With the Ninth Sister defeated, you’ll be able to continue exploring Coruscant and finding a way to escape the city.

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