Lord Of The Rings Crafting Survival Game Announced For PC

Developer Free Range Games has announced a new Lord Of The Rings crafting survival game.

The Lord Of The Rings: Return To Moria is a brand-new game set in the fantasy world created by J. R. R. Tolkien, and it follows the dwarves of Middle-earth as they embark on an original adventure to reclaim and restore their Dwarven homeland of Moria, also known as Khazad-dûm or Dwarrowdelf.

According to a press release, the game will take players beyond the books as you’ll take control of the group of Dwarves and delve deep into the mines of Moria to uncover its treasures.

You’ll need to craft and build to explore and survive the sprawling mines, and you must mine to obtain greater gear and resources, but making noise will attract danger and enemies, requiring combat.

The upcoming game features a procedurally generated Moria, so expeditions into the mines will always be different, and you can play solo or online with friends.

If the above isn’t enough, Return To Moria includes base building, allowing you to create bases from scratch or build upon the existing environment. The game will see you recover Dwarven landmarks, resurrect old mines, and refire forges to obtain their resources.

Finally, the game features an in-depth Dwarven character creator, allowing you to customise your dwarf and create a unique identity, and then build upon on with the game’s unique armour and weapons.

The Lord Of The Rings: Return To Moria will launch exclusively on PC via the Epic Games Store. Check out the trailer below:

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