Cities: Skylines Zoning Feature Highlight

Cities: Skylines 2 Unveils Zoning And Signature Buildings In New Dev Video

Colossal Order has released another of its weekly feature highlight videos for Cities: Skylines 2, with this four-minute video delving into the intricacies of zoning.

Like with the original 2015 video game, you’re able to plop down residential, commercial, and industrial zoning by clicking and dragging over cells, filling blocks of cells, or filling individual cells.

What’s different in Cities: Skylines 2 is the new types of zoning. Residential now has six types; low and high-density housing from the original game, as well as medium-density row housing, medium-density housing, low-rent housing, and mixed housing, where flats are built above ground-level shops.

There are two types of commercial zoning available, which include restaurants, clubs, and shops, as well as plenty more. For industrial zoning, you’ll be constructing factories and warehouses where goods are prepared for distribution or exportation. Finally, the last of the zones is offices, which can appear as small-scale businesses or huge towers.

The video also included a look at signature buildings, unique residential, commercial, industrial, and office buildings that are unlocked as your city expands. Free to build, signature buildings can be placed anywhere and function like ordinary buildings, but they elevate their surrounding neighbourhood and offer city-wide benefits.

This week’s feature highlight video is the latest from Colossal Order which offers a deeper look into the many gameplay mechanics of Cities: Skylines 2.

Previous videos offered a look into road construction and traffic AI and road accidents, as well as public transportation, while next week’s video will focus on city services.

Cities: Skylines 2 launches on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series consoles on October 24th.

You can check out the brand-new feature highlight video below:

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