How To Defeat The Capra Demon

How To Defeat The Capra Demon In Dark Souls: Remastered

The Capra Demon is a Dark Souls boss located in the Lower Undead Burg. Mandatory for most players as it drops the Key to the Depths, the boss can be skipped if you’ve opted to use the Master Key as your starting tool for the game. If you’re struggling with the boss, take a look at our guide here to discover how to defeat the Capra Demon.

How To Reach The Capra Demon

The Capra Demon can be found in the Lower Undead Burg. The easiest way to reach the boss is to start from the Undead Burg bonfire located under the Wyvern-guarded Undead Burg bridge. Climb up the ladder to the top of the bridge and carefully make your way backwards along the bridge to where you emerged from the Taurus Demon fight.

Opposite the door you emerged from should be another that was previously locked. If you picked up the Basement Key located on the steps to the Undead Parish, you should be able to unlock it. Head down the stairs inside and then slide down the ladder.

When you exit the building, you’ll have two paths; straight ahead will take you to the Capra Demon, while the right will unlock a shortcut close to the Undead Burg bonfire. Take the path on the right and open the door at the top of the staircase, which should lead you to the room with three Hollows accessed after the walkway that’s fire-bombed by Hollows near the bonfire.

Once you’ve unlocked the shortcut, defeat the Hollows to stop them from following you, and then head back down the stairs. Proceed ahead and descend halfway down the staircase, triggering one of three dogs to run at you.

Defeat them by blocking their lunge attack with your shield, and then hitting them. Descend the staircase a little more to trigger another dog and repeat the above tactic, and then do it again to defeat the third and final dog.

If you follow the alley down and pass the large fire, you’ll eventually reach the Capra Demon, but there are lots of enemies ahead. Three enemies – Assassins that deal poison damage with each hit – will emerge from the houses and ambush you once you’ve walked ahead far enough.

Before they can do anything, head to the first house on the left and attack the door. You should be able to defeat the Assassin hiding within and can repeat this on the door directly opposite the house. With those two enemies defeated, you can continue forward, and the third Assassin will emerge from its home.

Block its attacks and only attack when you have an opening. Assassins can easily parry you and perform a lunge attack that can quickly kill you. Once they’ve been defeated, explore the now-opened homes for some items, and then follow the alley down and around the bend.

A dog should immediately run at you, so defeat it. When you emerge onto the grassy floor, three more Assassins will emerge from their homes and charge at you. Be careful when taking them on, but once you’ve defeated them you can continue forward.

There is one more dog located ahead, so defeat it and explore the buildings nearby for some items, including the Thief gear. Straight ahead is a fog door, which will take you to the Capra Demon.

To the right of the fog door is a staircase that you can take to a narrow alley with two Assassins and a staircase that takes you to a tower which eventually connects to the aqueduct at Firelink Shrine via a locked door for an easy shortcut – you’ll want to run through and unlock the door for future runs before facing the boss.

How To Defeat The Capra Demon

• Lightning

• 6,000 Souls
• 1 Humanity
• 1 Homeward Bone
• Key To The Depths
• Demon Great Machete (Rare)

The fight against the Capra Demon is simple, but it can be one of the most frustrating fights in Dark Souls: Remastered due to the cramped arena and the addition of two dogs.

When you run into the arena, one of the two dogs will immediately charge at you to stun you while the Capra Demon performs a lunge attack that deals huge damage. To avoid this, enter the fog wall and move forward while holding your shield up to block the dog’s attack. Immediately after, roll forwards to avoid the Capra Demon’s lunge attack.

Once safe, run up the stairs and follow the ledge along to the left. The dogs will follow you, so block their attacks and then defeat them, leaving only you and the Capra Demon.

The easiest way to defeat the Capra Demon is by standing on the ledge and waiting for the Capra Demon to run up the stairs. When he does, he’ll eventually fall to the ground under the ledge, leaving him open for a plunge attack. Perform the attack and then run back up to the ledge, and repeat this until you defeat the Capra Demon.

You can heal on the ledge while waiting for the Capra Demon to run up the stairs, but always remember to guard when the Capra Demon is close because he can still attack you while you’re there.

If you decide to face the Capra Demon head-on (We still recommend you defeat the dogs by using the ledge), you’ll have to be wary of the boss’ attacks, which include:

  • Machete swings: The Capra Demon will swing one or both machetes several times
  • Lunge attack: The Capra Demon will perform a lunge attack and slam his machetes down into the ground

A majority of the Capra Demon’s attacks can be dodged. They can’t be blocked unless you have a very powerful shield, so you’re going to want to react quickly to his attacks and try to avoid them as much as possible since a few hits can quickly kill you.

It’s worth noting that the Capra Demon is weak to fire, so using Charcoal Pine Resin to coat your weapon with fire or using firebombs can make quick work of the boss. If you want to conserve tools or don’t have any, we suggest you use the plunging method to defeat him.

That’s it! Once you’ve defeated the Capra Demon, you’ll receive the Key to the Depths, which you can use on the locked door located opposite the door to the tower that leads to the Firelink Shrine aqueduct.

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