How To Defeat The Taurus Demon

How To Defeat The Taurus Demon In Dark Souls: Remastered

The Taurus Demon is the second boss fight you’ll encounter in Dark Souls: Remastered, situated on a narrow castle wall between Undead Burg and the Undead Parish. If you’re having trouble defeating the minotaur-inspired boss, our guide on how to defeat the Taurus Demon should help you out.

How To Reach The Taurus Demon

From the bonfire in the Undead Burg that’s under the Wyvern guarding the Undead Burg bridge, you’ll want to exit the room, take out the nearby Hollows, and then run across the bridge into a room with three more Hollows. Defeat them, and take the nearby exit on the top left-hand side of the room. A Hollow should emerge from a nearby building, take it out.

From there, proceed up the stairs to emerge into an open area with three Hollows, a tower with a crossbow-wielding Hollow, and three fire bomb-throwing Hollows atop a nearby building. Take out these enemies – you can avoid the crossbow and fire bomb Hollows if needed – and then run down the stairs to face three more Hollows.

Once you’ve defeated them, follow the path and climb the nearby staircase. If this is your first time climbing them, a Hollow at the top will push a flaming barrel down, which can kill you. Avoid it by climbing the stairs to trigger it, and then run back down the staircase and away. Kill the Hollow, and then climb the stairs to emerge in a large tower, continue climbing the stairs within the tower until you reach a fog wall. Enter it to access the boss area.

How To Defeat The Taurus Demon

• Lightning

• 3,000 Souls
• 1 Humanity
• 1 Homeward Bone
• Demon’s Greataxe (Rare)

Like the Asylum Demon, the Taurus Demon won’t immediately appear when you enter the fog wall. Instead, you’ll need to walk halfway across the narrow castle wall to trigger him, at which point he’ll jump down from the next tower.

Before you do that, you should take note that there are two crossbow-wielding Hollows standing at the top of the tower you just emerged from, and they’ll shoot you while you attempt to fight the boss, making things much more difficult than needed.

After emerging from the fog wall, take an immediate right and wrap around the stairs to reach a ladder. Climb it to the top of the tower and defeat the two Hollows, simplifying the fight. Once you’ve done that, climb back down the tower and then proceed across the castle wall to trigger the Taurus Demon.

The best way to defeat the Taurus Demon once he appears is by running back to the tower you emerged from, climbing to the top, and then performing a plunge attack on the Taurus Demon once he’s below you, and then repeating this until he’s defeated.

The top of the tower serves as a good safe space where you can heal, but staying on the tower for too long causes the Taurus Demon to perform a jump attack up onto the tower, which can easily kill you.

Alternatively, you can use any Firebombs you may have found on your journey to the boss or the Gold Pine Resin from the Undead Burg, as the Taurus Demon is extremely weak to lightning damage.

While fighting the Taurus Demon, you’ll need to note his attacks:

  • Jump attack: The Taurus Demon can perform a jump attack where he lunges at you and smashes his greataxe into the ground
  • Greataxe swings: The Taurus Demon will swing his Greataxe to attack you, although this can be easily avoided by dodging
  • Ground slams: The Taurus Demon can slam his Greataxe into the ground

The Taurus Demon is relatively slow, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to avoid his attacks, since the majority of them can be dodged or you can circle around the boss with ease. However, sticking too close to the Taurus Demon’s feet will deal small increments of damage and stagger you slightly, which can be frustrating and leave you open to other attacks.

In some very rare and lucky cases, the Taurus Demon can fall through the hole in the castle wall, quickly ending the boss fight. But this is unlikely to happen, and you’re more likely to fall through the hole, so make sure to keep an eye on it when fighting the boss.

Once defeated, you’ll be able to cross the castle wall and continue through to the Undead Parish. Defeating the boss will award you with souls, a Humanity, and a Homeward Bone, which you can use to take you back to the bonfire you last rested at. It can also provide you with the Demon’s Greataxe weapon, although it’s a rare drop.

Can You Skip The Taurus Demon?

Yep! The Taurus Demon is an optional boss fight. If you selected the Master Key as your starting gift in the game, you can skip the Taurus Demon by heading to the tower with his fog wall and using the Master Key to open the locked door, taking you to Darkroot Basin, which you can backtrack through to reach the Undead Parish, which the Taurus Demon fight leads you to.

However, we suggest you take the Taurus Demon on as he does provide you with valuable souls you can use to level your character and improve your stats.

That’s it! Now you know how to defeat the Taurus Demon! Continue proceeding through the game and remember to check our boss order list for information on all other bosses in the game.

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