How To Defeat K-405

How To Defeat K-405 In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor comes with dozens of boss battles that you’ll face while guiding Cal Kestus across the galaxy in search of a way to reach Tanalorr. The very first boss you’ll face is K-405, a droid found on Coruscant during the game’s tutorial. Check our guide on how to defeat K-405 in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor right here.

How To Defeat K-405

There is only one phase for the K-405 boss fight, and the encounter is one of the easier fights in the game. You’ll encounter K-405 on Coruscant after sliding through a narrow gap shortly after the Renovation Side 4733 meditation point.

After dragging you across the ground and throwing you onto a lower platform, the fight against K-405 will begin. Thankfully, you’ll have Bode to help you as you come to terms with the game’s combat.

You can leave Bode to attack the boss freely, but we suggest commanding him to attack (R1 and square on PlayStation, CTRL and left mouse button on PC or RB and X on Xbox), as he’ll throw an electric grenade that will stun the droid, allowing you to get some hits in.

We suggest you try to command Bode to attack 10 times during this encounter, as it counts as one-half of the You’ve Got A Friend trophy or achievement.

K-405’s main attack consists of several left and right swings of its electric baton, and these attacks can appear as parryable basic animations or as an unblockable red animation that you’ll need to dodge to avoid.

The droid also has a thrust attack with a long wind-up animation, and this is usually performed as a red unblockable attack.

K-405’s attacks don’t do much damage, but with your limited Stims, you’ll still want to be careful during the fight. Perform a single dodge as much as you can to avoid K-405’s attacks, while still remaining close enough to the droid to land some hits.

Alternatively, K-405 has a very small stamina meter. If you’re comfortable with parrying, we suggest parrying all of the droid’s basic attacks to deplete its stamina and stun the boss.

You can also use your Force Pull and Push abilities to deplete the meter too, and consider slowing the droid down for a few quick attacks too.

Once you’ve dealt enough damage and have depleted most of K-405’s health bar, you’ll see a target appear over K-405’s body. Hit attack again, and you’ll trigger a cutscene where Bode and Cal work together to destroy the droid, ending the fight.

That’s it! Now you know how to defeat K-405 and can continue exploring Coruscant. While here, check out our other Star Wars Jedi: Survivor guides:

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