How Many Chapters Are In God Of War

How Many Chapters Are In God Of War?

God Of War is one of PlayStation’s most acclaimed video games. The title acts as a soft reboot of the God Of War franchise and marks the series’ departure from Greek mythology into Norse mythology, with a sequel – God Of War Ragnarok due later this year. It follows former Greek God of War Kratos and son Atreus as they embark on a journey to scatter Kratos’ wife’s and Atreus’ mother’s ashes. If you’re playing the game and are wondering how many chapters are in God Of War or simply want to know how far you are into the game, check out our God Of War chapter list below.

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God Of War Chapter List

There are a total of seventeen chapters in God Of War. The chapters take you across six of the nine realms of Norse mythology, and the journey will see you make new friends and enemies, face challenging bosses, and watch as Kratos and Atreus form an unbreakable bond.

Chapter One: The Marked Trees

The Marked Trees is the first chapter in God Of War, and it sees Kratos and Atreus as they lay Kratos’ wife and Atreus’ mother to rest, and return home to prepare for their journey to scatter her ashes on the highest mountain of the nine realms. The chapter sees you hunt with Atreus, take on your first enemies in the form of Draugrs, face your first boss, and meet a dangerous, mysterious stranger.

Chapter Two: Path To The Mountain

The Path To The Mountain sees Kratos and Atreus begin their journey to scatter the ashes, and the pair must journey through an old mining cavern, face new Witch and Reaver enemies, explore mysterious ruins, meet some potential allies, and encounter new bosses before stumbling onto a gigantic lake that’s home to a powerful temple.

Chapter Three: A Realm Beyond

With the pathway up the mountain blocked, Atreus and Kratos, in A Realm Beyond, seek the help of a new ally as they journey to another realm. Before they can do so, the pair must first fix Tyr’s Temple, which is no easy feat.

Chapter Four: The Light Of Alfheim

The Light Of Alfheim sees Kratos and Atreus leave their realm Midgard behind as they journey to Alfheim, the realm of Light Elves. Exploration throughout this chapter sees you face new enemies, meet familiar faces, enter a mysterious temple, and help the Light Elves in their fight against the Dark Elves, who seek to mute The Light Of Alfheim.

Chapter Five: Inside The Mountain

The fifth God Of War chapter, Inside The Mountain, sees Kratos and Atreus return to Midgard to journey into the mountain after dispelling the Black Breath preventing them from continuing. As you explore the mountain’s dark caves with the father-son duo, you’ll have to face numerous enemies, solve several puzzles, and face more bosses before reaching the mountain’s summit.

Chapter Six: A New Destination

A New Destination is the sixth chapter in God Of War and it sees Atreus and Kratos take their new ally to the Witch Of The Woods after discovering that the summit of the mountain is not their final destination. The chapter requires you to head back to the Lake Of Nine and into the Witch’s Cave towards her home, where you’ll set your eyes on Jotunheim but must first collect two items to travel there.

Chapter Seven: The Magic Chisel

The Magic Chisel sees you explore more of the Lake Of Nine and venture into the frozen lands beyond it on your journey to find the Chisel. Along the way, you’ll encounter new enemies, solve puzzles, collect treasure, and face new bosses, including a dangerous double boss fight that’ll test all of your abilities.

Chapter Eight: Behind The Lock

After acquiring a piece of the Chisel, you’ll need to proceed back to the Lake Of Nine and Tyr’s Temple, a process that involves you backtracking and using the Chisel to unlock new doors. When things go wrong at the Temple, you’ll need to once again seek help from the Witch Of The Woods.

Chapter Nine: The Sickness

After returning to the Witch Of The Woods in chapter nine, you’ll be tasked with venturing into Helheim, the realm of the dead, where you’ll need to acquire the heart of the Bridge Keeper. Before you can journey there, Kratos must first head home to retrieve some old weapons. From there, you’ll head to the dangerous realm, which is filled with tough enemies, various obstacles, and challenging several bosses.

Chapter Ten: The Black Rune

The tenth chapter in God Of War is The Black Rune in which Atreus and Kratos return to the Lake Of Nine and venture deeper into Tyr’s Vault to access Jotunehim. As you continue to explore it, you’ll have to disable the Vault’s defences, face numerous enemies, and, as always, take on some bosses.

Chapter Eleven: Return To The Summit

Return To The Summit is the eleventh chapter in God Of War and it sees Atreus and Kratos embark on their journey to Jotunheim. First, you’ll need to make your way through the mountain and reach its summit, so be prepared for more enemies and bosses, including a stand-off against the mysterious stranger from the beginning of the game.

Chapter Twelve: Escape From Helheim

In chapter twelve of God Of War, Atreus and Kratos find themselves in the depths of Helheim and must make their way through the frozen lands to find a ship that can help them escape the dreaded realm back to Tyr’s Temple. From there, the path to the duo’s final location – Jotunheim – will be free.

Chapter Thirteen: A Path To Jotunheim

The thirteenth chapter of God Of War – A Path To Jotunheim – sees Atreus and Kratos begin their journey to Jotunheim. With the door to the realm closed, the pair must push forward into Try’s Hidden Chamber in Tyr’s Temple to find the Unity Stone.

Chapter Fourteen: Between The Realms

The fourteenth chapter of God Of War is Between The Realms, and it sees you venture out beyond the World Tree to repair the Jotunheim tower. Along the way, you’ll need to survive a gauntlet, which requires facing a slew of enemies.

Chapter Fifteen: Jotunheim In Reach

Chapter fifteen of God Of War – Jotunheim In Reach – sees Atreus and Kratos embark on a search for Mimir’s hidden eye, which will allow them entry into Jotunheim. The eye was hidden in the statue of Thor that was eaten by the World Serpent, and the pair must venture inside the World Serpent to retrieve the long-lost eye before another face-off against Baldur.

Chapter Sixteen: Mother’s Ashes

Mother’s Ashes is the penultimate chapter in God Of War, and it sees Kratos and Atreus journey to Jotunheim and climb the mountain to scatter the ashes of Atreus’ mother and Kratos’ wife. Along the way, Kratos will uncover a dark secret about Atreus and his future.

Chapter Seventeen: The Journey Home

The final chapter in God Of War is The Journey Home, which simply requires you to head back to Atreus and Kratos’ home for a secret ending.

That’s it! Those are all of the chapters in God Of War, we hope our guide has helped you work out where you are in the story and how long you have left to complete the critically-acclaimed video game. Enjoy the journey!

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