Where To Go After Ringing The Second Bell

Where to go after ringing the first bell in Dark Souls

After ringing the first Bell Of Awakening at the Undead Church once you’ve defeated the Bell Gargoyles, you’ll need to go to Quelaag’s Domain to ring the second bell. You can get there by descending the Depths and the dreaded Blighttown, and defeating Chaos Witch Quelaag. I’ve compiled a short guide on how to get to the second bell below:

Reaching The Depths: Defeat The Capra Demon And Gaping Dragon Bosses

Before you can reach Quelaag’s Domain, you’ll need to head to the Depths, which is accessed by a locked door at the Undead Parish. The key is dropped by the Capra Demon boss, so follow the guide on that page to reach the boss and defeat him. You can skip the Capra Demon if you chose the Master Key as your starting gift.

From the Capra Demon’s arena, you’ll want to exit and take an immediate left down the stairs (Or a right if facing the arena, like in the picture below). Take out the two enemies waiting to ambush you: there’s one immediately ahead and another hiding behind a corner to your left between you and the enemy.

Follow the area along until you see a set of stairs. Walk alongside it hugging the wall on your right until you reach a door. Interacting with the door will unlock it, allowing you to access the Depths.

Before you head down, you’ll want to climb up the set of stairs I told you to miss. If you climb up two sets of stairs and pass the Hollow in the tower, you’ll find a tunnel that leads you to the locked gate at the Firelink Shrine aqueduct, a very handy shortcut should anything happen to you.

When ready, head through the door to the Depths, and make your way through the area. You’ll need to tackle Butchers, rats that deal poison, and slimy blob enemies – you’ll want to stock up on Purple Moss Clumps that cure poison from the merchant inside the Firelink Shrine aqueduct shortcut.

At the very bottom of the Depths, passed a giant rat, will be the gates to Blighttown, but you’ll need to defeat the Gaping Dragon boss for the Blighttown Key UNLESS you chose the Master Key as your starting gift.

Blighttown’s Alternative Entrance

Another way of accessing Blighttown is by making your way through Darkroot Garden from Blacksmith Andre, taking a right after defeating the first tree enemy, and descending the hills to Darkroot Basin. You should find a cave guarded by a Black Knight, with a lift inside that takes you down to the Valley Of The Drakes. If you follow the area along, you’ll eventually find a small cave opening leading into Blighttown, but you’ll need to fight some ogre enemies at its entrance.

Descending Blighttown

Once you arrive in Blighttown, you’ll need to make your way through the rickety shantytown. And you should know that once you enter the area, it’s going to be hard to leave it, so be prepared.

The area is tough. Most fights occur on tight platforms, and you’re going to need some poison protection as all enemies deal poison buildup. Carefully watch your surroundings for torches, as they guide your way and highlight ladders.

Once you eventually reach the bottom of Blighttown into the poisoned swamp, you’ll immediately want to take a right (A left if you come from the Valley Of The Drakes), and then follow the wall on your right (Your left if from the Valley) until you reach a tunnel that’s home to a bonfire (Third picture below).

You’re close to Quelaag’s Domain now. To reach it, look across the poisoned swamp towards a series of mounds in the distance covered in cobwebs and dead trees. You need to go there.

The best way to get there is by exiting the tunnel, taking a right, and following the wall along to the structures leading up towards the Valley Of The Drakes. Run across the swamp, stopping on land when you can to avoid poison build-up. When you hit the wall, take a right and follow it along. Keep going until you reach the cobweb-covered mounds, and then climb the hill until you reach the opening, taking care to avoid the boulder-throwing ogres.

Head inside and follow the cave to the fog door. You’ll see two enemies on the floor but do not attack them. Killing them unleashes several maggot-like worms that can quickly kill you. Entering the fog wall starts the Queleeag boss fight.

Once you’ve defeated her, climb the stairs she came from and into a room with an opening at its centre. Circle it to a lever and pull that to ring the second bell of Awakening. DONE!

With the second bell of Awakening rung, you’ll trigger a cutscene and will need to make your way back to Blacksmith Andre to continue the game.

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