Cities: Skylines 2 Production

Dive Into Cities: Skylines 2’s Economics In New Feature Highlight Video

Colossal Order’s weekly Cities: Skylines 2 feature highlight video has been released, and it offers a hefty insight into the way economics and production work in the game.

The three-minute video explains how the game’s economic simulation is based on that of real-life cities, with an entire tab available for you to adjust taxes, analyse your city’s budget, acquire loans, and make adjustments to services and production.

Although similar to the first game, the system has seemingly received an update to add a little more complexity. Like in the original game, you can adjust taxes on all aspects of your city, including services, energy production, goods, tourism, the extraction of raw materials, and more.

The game comes with a stronger focus on the balance of supply and demand, as businesses can export over-manufactured goods automatically and purchase goods from outside connections if unable to meet demand.

The video also explains how tax rates can influence the production of goods; lower taxes can boost production while higher taxes can slow them down.

Finally, the feature highlight video unveiled how you’ll need to establish specialised industry areas of farms (Four types for livestock, grain, vegetables, and cotton); forests for timber; underground deposits for stone, coal, and ore; and oil drills.

This week’s Feature Highlight is the ninth episode and follows other videos that offered a deeper look into the game’s seasons and natural disastersmapswater and electricitycity serviceszoningpublic transportationtraffic AI, and road construction.

Next week’s dev video should offer a closer look at game progression and milestones.

Cities: Skylines 2 launches on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series consoles on October 24th.

Check out the new feature highlight:

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