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Cities: Skylines 2’s Seasons, Climates, And Natural Disasters Highlighted In New Video

Colossal Order has released its latest feature highlight video, with this three-minute video focusing on Cities: Skylines 2’s climate, weather, and natural disasters.

The clip reveals how all of the maps in the game have unique climates with individual seasonal patterns that affect day length, the amount of cloud cover and sunshine, the temperature, and the levels of precipitation.

The above can impact your city services. For example, the video explains how rainy and snowy weather as well as hot days will see your citizens rely on electricity for warmth and air conditioning.

Meanwhile, road services will have to clear roads of snow before collisions occur, and failure to do so may see accident rates rise and an increase in the use of emergency crews.

Your city’s citizens’ behaviour will also change depending on the weather, as they’ll prefer to spend time in parks on warm days but rush to indoor venues like cinemas and restaurants when it rains or snows.

Natural disasters are also in the game after being introduced in Cities: Skylines’ Natural Disasters DLC.

Like the expansion, you can help your city prepare for natural disasters with disaster control systems, but you can’t stop them – small-scale disasters as well as large-scale disasters that impact your entire city and economy.

Finally, the video explained how its day and night cycle is connected to the in-game calendar. Whenever a day and night cycle ends, an entire month will have passed in the game, and after three cycles, the seasons change before starting over after a 12th cycle.

This week’s Feature Highlight comes after Colossal Order offered glimpses into the game’s maps, water and electricitycity serviceszoningpublic transportationtraffic AI, and road construction.

Next week’s dev video should offer a closer look at city economy and production.

Cities: Skylines 2 launches on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series consoles on October 24th.

Check out the new feature highlight:

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