Demon's Souls Digital Deluxe Edition

Demon’s Souls Digital Deluxe Edition Announced With Preorder Bonuses

A digital deluxe edition of Demon’s Souls has been announced which comes with a slew of preorder bonuses.

Demon’s Souls is set to release alongside the PS5 in November and digital preorders launched on the official PlayStation website today. With them, a new digital deluxe edition was released priced at $89.99 or €99.99 (Probably around £90).

According to an updated PlayStation Blog post, the high price tag comes for a reason as the new edition of the game is packed with various bonuses including a copy of the game’s soundtrack, two outfits, a shield, two weapons, as well as various consumables too. A full list of items can be seen below:

Demons Souls Digital Deluxe Edition
  • Red-Eye Knight Armour
  • Boletarian Royalty Armour
  • Hoplite Shield
  • Ritual Blade
  • Reaper Scythe
  • Moonlightstone Shard
  • Large Hardstone Shard
  • Bearbug Grains
  • Phosphorescent Grains
  • Ring Of Longevity
  • Legendary Hero Soul
  • Renowned Warrior Soul
  • Storied Warrior Soul

Demon’s Souls launched for the PS3 in 2010 in the UK and was praised for its difficulty like spiritual successors Bloodborne and the Dark Souls series. A remaster of the original game was rumoured for several years before it was officially announced in June 2020 at Sony’s first PS5 showcase.

The PS5 remake of Demon’s Souls will launch on November 19th in the UK with the PlayStation 5 console. As previously reported, Demon’s Souls will take up approximately 66 GB of the PS5’s 825 GB SSD.

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