Dark Souls: Remastered Best Rings

Dark Souls: Remastered Best Rings – What You Should Use And How To Find Them

Dark Souls: Remastered is a challenging game, regardless of your level and skill. Thankfully, the game has equipable rings that boost your damage, defence and more that can be found while exploring the game’s various areas, purchased from merchants or dropped by NPCs and enemies. Since you can only equip two at a time, working out which rings are best can be difficult, which is why we’ve decided to list the Dark Souls: Remastered best rings right here.

What Are The Best Rings In Dark Souls?

There are around 40 total rings in Dark Souls and its remaster, which includes all DLC. You can only equip two at a time and although the majority of the rings can be swapped at any time, it can be difficult to work out which are best for you to use. Generally speaking, the best rings are dependent on the area you’re exploring, the enemies you’re facing, the Dark Souls: Remastered boss you’re fighting, and your build.

We’ve found that the Dark Souls: Remastered best rings are as follows:

  • Tiny Being’s Ring to boost maximum HP
  • Cloranthy Ring to boost stamina regeneration
  • Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring to boost magic damage
  • Dusk Crown Ring to increase sorcery castings
  • White and Darkmoon Seance Rings to increase attunement slots
  • Ring Of The Sun’s Firstborn to increase miracle power
  • Hornet Ring to increase the power of critical attacks
  • Ring Of Favour And Protection to increase HP, stamina and maximum equip load

There are also several rings which are worth using in certain situations. For example, the Stoneplate and Bite rings are great if you’re facing enemies or are in an area that deals certain damage.

It’s also worth utilising the Ring Of Sacrifice if you’re carrying lots of runes and are near-death, using the Covetous Silver Serpent ring to collect more Souls, using the Orange Charred Ring when exploring the fiery areas in late-game, and using the Covenant Of Artorias ring to enter The Abyss and face one of the game’s mandatory bosses.

Complete List Of All Dark Souls: Remastered Rings



How To Unlock

Tiny Being's Ring

+5% maximum HP

  • Can be claimed as a starting gift

  • Given as a reward by Siegmeyer Of Catarina in Anor Londo for clearing out the Silver Knights

Cloranthy Ring

+20% stamina regeneration

  • Found in a secret area in The Great Hollow, accessed by jumping into the middle of the tree

Havel's Ring

+50% equip load

  • Dropped by Havel The Rock when defeated at the shortcut between Undead Burg and Darkroot Basin, accessed with either the Master or Watchtower Basement Keys

Ring Of Steel Protection

+50 points physical defence

  • Found in Sen's Fortress in a chest above the area with the first rolling boulders, near a magic serpent enemy

Spell Stoneplate Ring

+50 points magic defence

  • Can be purchased from Crestfallen Merchant for 15,000 Souls

Flame Stoneplate Ring

+50 points fire defence

  • Found in Sen's Fortress after leaving the building and platforming across pillars. The ring is found in a chest guarded by two Balder Knights

Thunder Stoneplate Ring

+50 points lightning defence

  • Can be purchased from Crestfallen Merchant for 15,000 Souls

Speckled Stoneplate Ring

+25 points magic, fire, and lightning defence

  • Dropped by Siegmeyer Of Catarina if defeated

Bloodbite Ring

+400% bleed resistance

  • Can be purchased from Oswald Of Carim for 10,000 Souls

Poisonbit Ring

+400% poison resistance

  • Can be purchased from Oswald of Carim for 15,000 Souls

Cursebite Ring

+400% curse resistance

  • Found in New Londo Ruins on a ledge behind the house where Ingward can be located

Red Tearstone Ring

+50% attack when health is below 20%

  • Found in the Valley Of The Drakes above the giant gate

Ring Of Sacrifice

Lose nothing upon death but the ring breaks

  • Found between Firelink Shrine and Undead Burg on a corpse overlooking the aqueduct

  • Found on the ledge above the well in the courtyard of the Painted World Of Ariamis

  • Traded with Snuggly for Humanity

  • Can be purchased from Oswald Of Carim for 5,000 Souls

Rare Ring Of Sacrifice

Lose nothing upon death, death caused by curse will not take effect but the ring breaks when used

  • Found in Sen's Fortress in the tower where Ricard The Archer can be found

  • Found in New Londo Ruins on the roof beside Ingward

  • Found in Lost Izalith on a branch below a ledge

  • Traded with Snuggly for Twin Humanities

Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring

+20-26% magic damage depending on the spell

  • Can be purchased from Griggs Of Vinheim for 20,000 Souls

Lingering Dragoncrest Ring

+50% magic effect length

  • Can be purchased from Griggs Of Vinheim for 20,000 Souls

Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring

Wearer makes no sound

  • Found in Sen's Fortress on a rafter overlooking the bridge with swinging knives, must be dropped down from above
    Dropped by Griggs Of Vinheim if defeated

Dusk Crown Ring

+50% number of sorcery casting but -50% maximum HP

  • Dropped by Hydra in Darkroot Basin when defeated

White Seance Ring

+1 attunement slot

  • Found in The Duke's Archives by climbing the ladder to the prison's exit and dropping down several planks towards a room with a corpse

Darkmoon Seance Ring

+1 attunement slot, and allows entrance to the Darkmoon Blades covenant at Anor London

  • Found in The Catacombs inside a coffin past the second bonfire and through a breakable wall into a new area filled with skeletons and archers

Ring Of The Sun's Firstborn

+20% miracle power

  • Found in Anor Londo at the bottom of the moveable bridge next to the bonfire

Darkmoon Blade Covenant Ring

Allows Gwyndolin to summon a player to invade another in Dark Anor Londo

  • Given as a Covenant reward after joining the Darkmoon Blades

Ring Of The Sun Princess

Boosts miracle synergy

  • Given as a Covenant reward after joining the Princess Guard by speaking with Gwynevere in Anor Londo

Leo Ring

+40% counter damage

  • Dropped by Ornstein if you defeat him last during the Ornstein and Smough boss fight, must be picked up from the ground

Wolf Ring

+40% poise

  • Found in Darkroot Garden past the hidden bonfire and through an area with tree enemies and stone giants of which a secret path can be found leading to the ring

Hawk Ring

+50% bow range and enhanced zooming with bows and binoculars

  • Found inside a chest behind the Giant Blacksmith in Anor Londo

Hornet Ring

+30% critical attack

  • Found on a corpse behind the gravestone in the boss arena for Sif in Darkroot Garden

East Wood Grain Ring

Lessens the amount of durability loss but not when using a weapon's special ability

  • Can be purchased from Shiva Of The East in Blighttown

Dark Wood Grain Ring

Changes rolling action to a faster and wider animation but only if equip load is under 25%

  • Dropped by Shiva's bodyguard but you must be a Forest Hunter for the enemy to appear

Rusted Iron Ring

Removes movement restriction in water, swamp, tar, and poison

  • Found in the Undead Asylum upon returning to the area. Can be found behind the locked door on the Asylum's third floor

Covetous Gold Serpent Ring

+200 points item discovery

  • Found in Sen's Fortress. You must turn the boulder device so it's directed west and fills a hole and smashes a wall, with the ring on a corpse hanging over a window.

Covetous Silver Serpent Ring

+20% souls absorbed per kill

  • Found in the Tomb Of Giants near the second bonfire, after killing an archer and dropping onto the secret path behind him

Covenant Of Artorias

Allows entry into The Abyss

  • Dropped by the Great Grey Wolf Sif boss

Orange Charred Ring

Reduces lava damage and adds fire element to kicks

  • Dropped by the Centipede Demon boss

Old Witch's Ring

Allows you to speak with Quelaag's Sister

  • Available as a starting gift
    Traded with Snuggly for a Sunlight Maggot

Cat Covenant Ring

Allows Alvina to summon players to protect Darkroot Garden from others

  • Given as a Covenant reward for joining the Forest Hunters

Ring Of Fog

Turns the player transparent, making them untargetable 

  • Given as a Covenant reward at rank zero with three kills as part of the Forest Hunters
    Traded with Snuggly for a Skull Lantern

Ring Of Favour And Protection

+20% maximum HP, stamina, maximum equip load but breaks when removed

  • Dropped by Lautrec when defeated
    Traded with Snuggly for Xanthous Crown

Ring Of The Evil Eye

Absorbs 30 HP from every fallen enemy

  • Found in the Depths amongst numerous basilisk enemies

Calamity Ring

You receive twice as much damage as normal

  • Dropped by Black Dragon Kalameet boss when defeated

We hope our guide to the best Dark Souls: Remastered rings has helped you work out which rings are worth using and where you can find them. Good luck playing the game, and take advantage of the rings as much as you can!

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