Safe In Our World Fanatical Charity Bundle

Charity Safe In Our World launches 26-game bundle with Fanatical

Video games mental health charity Safe In Our World has partnered with online store Fanatical to launch its biggest-ever charity games bundle, with a total of 26 games available.

The 2024 Safe In Our World charity bundle features more than $450 worth of PC games and can be purchased for as little as £15/€15/$15 or with the option to donate more.

The bundle includes:

  1. Akka Arrh by Llamasoft
  2. Arcade Paradise by Nosebleed Interactive
  3. Breakout: Recharged by Adamvision Studios
  4. Calico by Peachy Keen Games
  5. Caverns Of Mars: Recharged by SneakyBox
  6. Centipede: Recharged by Adamvision Studios
  7. Filthy Animals by Pewter Games Studios
  8. Giganotosaurus: Dino Kart by 3dClouds
  9. GYLT by Tequila Works
  10. Homestead Arcana by Serenity Forge
  11. Kao The Kangaroo: Re-release 2000 by Tate Multimedia
  12. Kitaria Fables by Twin Hearts
  13. Mask Of The Rose by Failbetter Games
  14. Mechs & Mercs by Camel 101
  15. Minute Of Islands by Studio Fizbin
  16. Mr. Run And Jump by Graphite Labs
  17. My Friend Peppa Pig by Petoons Studio
  18. OlliOlli World by Roll7
  19. Paw Patrol: On A Roll! by Torus Games
  20. qomp by Stuffed Wombat
  21. Say No! More by Studio Fizbin
  22. Stick Fight by Landfall Games
  23. Stirring Abyss by Sleepy Sentry
  24. Vampire Survivors by Poncle
  25. Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector by Black Lab Games
  26. Zool Re-Dimensions by Sumo Digital Academy

All proceeds from the bundle support the charity’s initiatives in mental health within the video games industry. Working with over 160 Level Up Partners, the charity has offered free consultation and support and has provided over $250,000 worth of free training to the gaming industry and community.

Last year’s bundle sold out after just 24 hours and raised almost $100,000 for charity. You can grab this year’s bundle here.

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