Shadows Of Doubt Cheaters And Liars

Detective Sim Shadows Of Doubt To Get First Major Update Next Week

Developer ColePowered Games and publisher Fireshine Games have announced the first major update for detective sim Shadows Of Doubt.

Titled Cheats And Liars, the upcoming free update will allow you to investigate cases revolving around infidelity, where you’re tasked with uncovering whether an accusor has been unfaithful to their partner.

You’ll need to follow a couple’s movements, discover clues, and search for evidence to determine to uncover the truth.

The game also comes with a new multi-storey hotel location, which comes with various facilities that you can utilise if you have the money, including a hotel lobby you can lounge in or a rooftop bar you can enjoy a drink at.

Shadows Of Doubt’s new free update also allows you to check notice boards for reports of missing items, which you can find and return for rewards.

It also comes with a slew of bug fixes, NVIDIA DLSS support, localisation improvements, and quality-of-life changes.

Shadows Of Doubt is available now on Steam Early Access. The game tasks you with solving crimes as a private investigator, all while exploring fully simulated cities and interacting with citizens who have their own names, jobs, homes, and routines.

Use gadgets to track down suspects and uncover clues, and approach cases in different ways by scanning fingerprints, reading private messages, bribing citizens, checking CCTV, picking locks, breaking down doors, and so much more.

The Cheats And Liars update for Shadows Of Doubt releases September 25th.

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