Survival Game Ashwalkers To Get Special Nintendo Switch Boxed Edition

Meridiem Games has announced that it is releasing a special boxed edition of survival adventure game Ashwalkers for the Nintendo Switch.

The game, developed by Nameless XIII, follows four adventurers as they journey through a harsh, post-apocalyptic world to find a safe haven for their people. Along the way, the group must make difficult decisions that impact their survival and relationships.

Ashwalkers was released on Steam back in April 2021, and it is heading to the Nintendo Switch both digitally and physically. Both versions will release in 2022, with the boxed edition including a specially designed box, an art book with a selection of black and white artwork, and character stickers.

The game requires players to find food, seek out vital resources, manage equipment and radiation medication, and overcome obstacles, violent encounters, and the deadly climate across the Squad’s journey.

Players can learn about the hostile world destroyed by a volcanic apocalypse throughout the game. There are 34 different endings depending on the choices made, although playthroughs are roughly only two hours long, allowing for frequent replayability.

Check out the trailer for the Ashwalkers Survivor’s Edition below:

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