Starfield Update

Starfield’s first 2024 update will be the “biggest” yet, adding over 100 fixes

Bethesda has announced that it’ll release its “biggest update yet” for Starfield next week, which is set to include more than 100 bug fixes and improvements.

The proposed update will be released via Steam Beta on January 17th, with a release date for all other players two weeks later in February.

According to a chain of posts on X (Formerly Twitter), the update will include numerous quest fixes, as well as stability and graphical improvements for additional widescreen support and improved textures, lighting, and shadows.

The studio has also promised fixes and improvements regarding sun disk geometry, planet ring shadows, reappearing bulldozed objects, inaccessible ship hatches, and more.

Bethesda will release the full list of patch notes next week when the Steam Beta is released.

News of the launch comes after Bethesda confirmed in December 2023 that the studio is targeting updates “roughly every six weeks” from February, which will reportedly include quality-of-life improvements and feature updates.

Some of the proposed features include new ways to travel, accessible city maps while exploring, customisable difficulty settings, and expandable ship customisation with new decorations, building options, and more.

Bethesda is also looking to launch mod support with the release of Creations, which is targeting a release in early 2024, and is planning on launching the game’s first expansion – Shattered Space – later this year, which will include new story content, locations, gear, and more.

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