Godlike Burger

Sci-Fi Business Management Game Godlike Burger Gets PC Release Date

Developer Liquid Pug has announced that its upcoming sci-fi business management game Godlike Burger is coming to PC later this month, with console release dates to be announced later.

The game whisks you on a culinary adventure in which you play as an eccentric chef travelling the galaxy whose goal is to create the most delicious and unusual burgers in the universe by turning his own alien customers into food.

The dark-humoured game requires you to acquire new “ingredients” by luring customers into traps and turning them into patties. You’ll need to avoid getting caught by other customers all the while managing your very ordinary restaurant.

You’ll also need to cater to each customers’ preferences for alien meat, upgrade your kitchen, and improve your restaurant’s reputation to earn money and travel to new planets. As urged by Liquid Pig, you should avoid staying in one place for too long because the space police are always on the search for a “crazy culinarian”.

The game comes with a range of hidden traps you can use to lure customers, a variety of alien species for you to meet that have individual weaknesses and strengths, and comes with strategic gameplay in the form of keeping the space police’s suspicions low.

Godlike Burger will release for PC via Steam, GOG.com, and the Epic Game Store on April 21st. As mentioned, a release for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox will be announced at a later date.

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