Kao The Kangaroo The Dark Forest

Kao The Kangaroo – The Dark Forest Walkthrough

The Dark Forest is the second official level of Kao The Kangaroo, and it sees Kao explore a dark forest in search of Runes to unlock Terror’s lair and begin his journey of finding his sister. To enter the level, you’ll need to have collected a minimum of three Runes, most of which can be found around the base homeworld, Hopalloo Island.



Runes: 2

Gems: 12

Scrolls: 2

After starting the level, you can immediately climb up the several ledges to your right to collect your first scroll and gem. Then, climb up the ledges on the left of the path to collect a second gem. Once you’ve collected both, push ahead until you reach a crate. Punching it will unleash an explosive, which you’ll need to run from before it damages you.

After avoiding it, follow the path ahead to a water area with various islands. Jump over the bear traps and avoid standing in them to prevent yourself from taking damage. In the far right-hand corner will be an island with a gem hovering over a bear trap, jump to collect it.

On the same island is a gate you can roll underneath. The area beyond it is filled with a poison-like substance so carefully climb the platforms to reach the treasure chest. Once you’ve collected its contents, turn back and roll under the gate once more.

Push straight ahead and you’ll be greeted with a new enemy; a Stinker. You’ll need to perform your jump tail attack to defeat them. Once you’ve got them, follow the path by quickly jumping from platform to platform, avoiding the tentacle roots as you do.

Once you’ve crossed the water, take a left and climb the ledges. Avoid another tentacle root and make your way to the house on your left. Follow it around to pick up another gem, and then punch the house’s front door to pick up the heart piece inside.

Climb back down the ledges to hit a Checkpoint and then descend into the new area, where you’ll have to face five Frogsters. Once defeated, use the platforms to the left of the area to climb to the top of a house and use the trampoline to jump across to the roof of the house on the right. Follow the walkway along, defeat the Frogster, and pick up the K collectable.

Jump back down and pass through the gate, making sure to punch and enter the houses to collect coins, and then follow the platforms along until you trigger a cutscene introducing The Eternal World.

With the crystal triggered, you’ll have a series of purple platforms that are only available as the timer counts down. You’ll need to jump across the platforms to smash the other Eternal crystal to reveal additional purple platforms and then jump across onto land.

Follow the pathway and you’ll come across another Eternal crystal floating in the jump. Jump and perform your tail attack to trigger it and land on the platform below. Behind you on your right will be another platform leading to a scroll. Collect it and then push forward, collecting a Rune and triggering another crystal with your tail jump attack.

After crossing the water, you’ll see a skull. Punch it and it’ll open, allowing you to collect an infinite number of boomerangs. Pick one up and throw it at the Eternal crystal on the other side of the water. Three moving platforms will appear, jump across them and pick up the gem along the way.

Continue following the path, and you’ll eventually find a series of platforms you’ll need to jump across. Avoid falling in the deep water, and move quickly to avoid getting hit by the bear traps and the jumping fish. There are two gems to collect as you progress, and when you reach the other side you’ll hit a new Checkpoint.

Descend the ledges and you’ll see a group of Frogsters playing in a band. You’ll also meet Range Frogsters that throw harpoons. To defeat them, you’ll need to jump and perform your tail attack just as the harpoon hits you to deflect the projectile back at them.

Defeat all of the enemies within the area and jump through the waterfall for a treasure chest. Return back to the main area, and use the trampoline on the left of the area to reach the A collectable. From the high platform, jump back down and follow the platforms along. You’ll meet a spider enemy, just perform your jump tail attack to hit its green orb, and a side area leading to an Eternal Well, a gem, and a treasure chest.

Return to the main area where the Frogster band were playing and climb the ledges on the wall – at the top of the wall is another life. Collect it and then jump down to hit a new Checkpoint and meet a new enemy; the Fire Spitter. Run across the area avoiding the bear traps and attacks from the Fire Spitters.

You’ll reach a boomerang skull, hit it and use it to cut loose the nets above the nearby Frogsters. On the large island platform next to the group of Frogsters is a gate you can roll under to access another Eternal Well.

Back in the main area, follow the platforms around and cross a log with a swinging fish. You’ll hit a new checkpoint and can follow the path along to collect the invisible blue coins. You’ll reach a locked gate; climb the ledges to your right and jump to hit the switch and open the gate.

Continue down the path and when it branches, take a right. Defeat the spider enemy and grab the life collectable. Turn back and take the left path, climbing the ledges into a new area with two Stinkers. Defeat them, and climb the ledges to leap over two bear trap-covered platforms and hit the switch with your tail jump attack.

You’ll hear a timer so immediately jump off the platform and rush back to the gate. Just before you reach it take a sharp left and jump to hit the switch under some rock. A wooden grate will open, revealing a series of ledges you can descend for the O collectable.

Climb the steps and follow the path along to a wall. You’ll need to punch a few of the stones to form a line from one crystal to another. Follow the stone pathway and jump across the next platforms to reach another Checkpoint. Make sure to pick up the three gems along the way, defeating the Frogsters, and avoid the swinging fish.

Descend the steps into the level’s final area, a bar-themed location. Here, you’ll need to defeat seven Frogsters – make sure you use Kao’s AOE attack to stun them and get some free hits in when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Once they’re defeated, head to the far back of the area to find a chest, and then proceed to the bar to briefly speak with Walt.

On the other side of the room is a heart piece and near the level’s exit gate is a Rune. Pick it up and then leave through the gate at the bottom of several steps.

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