Stray Chapter List

How Many Chapters Are In Stray?

BlueTwelve Studio and Annapurna’s Stray has taken the internet (And other animals, it seems) by storm. The sci-fi adventure game was released today (July 19th) for PC and PlayStation consoles, and it follows a stray cat as it stumbles into a world overrun by robots and must find a way home while uncovering secrets of the past.

Stray Chapters List

Stray is an indie game, so don’t expect something to the length of most triple-A games like Horizon Forbidden West or Elden Ring. Rather, the game’s story can take around four to five hours to complete, while unlocking all trophies and achievements can take up to six or seven hours.

The story of Stray is split into 12 chapters, each of which varies in length. Some of the chapters are incredibly short, while others are longer and provide you with some exploration opportunities. Check out our full list of chapters below:

  1. Inside The Wall
  2. Dead City
  3. The Flat
  4. The Slums
  5. Rooftops
  6. The Slums, Part Two
  7. Dead End
  8. The Sewers
  9. Antvillage
  10. Midtown
  11. Jail
  12. Control Room

Many of the chapters have various collectables, like Memories and other objects, and some also have NPCs you can chat with and trigger quests for you to complete. If you miss any collectables in previous chapters, you can replay chapters through the main menu but you must complete the chapter for collectables to register.

That’s our Stray chapter list guide. We hope it’s managed to help you out and gauge the length of the game. Good luck and have a pawsitive time with Stray!

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