Video Game Fables Nightmare Arena 3

Video Game Fables To Get Nightmare Arena DLC In Time For Halloween

Turn-based RPG Video Game Fables is getting spooky for Halloween with new DLC.

Solo indie developer Momiji Studios, helmed by Matt Sharp, has announced the launch of its new Nightmare Arena DLC.

In the DLC, the game’s characters Aru, Tator, and Nate are whisked away to a dimension of nightmares where they must face the Scream Screen and the Concierge.

You’ll need to fight through more than 40 challenging battles against strong, twisted nightmare versions of enemies in the Nightmare Arena, and utilise new summon skills and items against enemies, all of which can be used in the normal world too.

Alongside the launch of the DLC, Momiji Studios will release a free update to the base game that adds collectable stickers, which are obtained from enemies and can be added to a sticker book and viewed.

Video Game Fables is an RPG set within an abandoned video game world that hasn’t had a player in decades. It follows the three characters – Aru, Nate, and Tator – as they embark on a journey to save the world after The Foresaken Princess ruined the game world’s script.

The Nightmare Arena DLC will launch on October 24th via Steam, and the base game will be discounted by 40% to celebrate the release up to November 1st, 2022. The DLC will also be packaged into a permanent bundle available at a discount.

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