Dredge Soundtrack

The Dredge Soundtrack Is Available To Stream Now

Black Salt Games and Team17 have released the Dredge soundtrack on streaming services.

The game, which launched in March to rave reviews and will be getting free and paid DLC later this year, sees you take on the role of a fisherman in the seaside villages of Greater and Little Marrow, while working with a mysterious stranger to uncover missing relics and uncover a mystery tied to the several nearby regions of the game’s world, all of which are home to ancient Lovecraftian creatures and unique characters.

Composed by David Mason, the hour-long soundtrack includes tracks for each major location, the main theme, as well as the ambient score that plays when interacting with the game’s cast of colourful characters.

You can listen to the Dredge soundtrack below via YouTube, Spotify, or Apple Music. Don’t forget to check our review of the game too!

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