Dredge DLC

Dredge To Get Free And Paid DLC This Year

Developer Black Salt Games has unveiled its DLC roadmap for Dredge over the remainder of the year, which will see the launch of both free and paid DLC.

According to a PlayStation Blog post, the first free update will land later this month, and it’ll include map markers, allowing you to select from different coloured icons to represent anything from danger and shipwrecks to mysteries and more.

The second update targeting Q2 2023 will include two new modes; Passive Mode and Photo Mode. Passive Mode caters to people who prefer a “less intense experience” as the monsters that usually attack fishing boats aren’t as aggressive, giving players a chance to “focus on fishing” and enjoy the game’s surroundings.

The Photo Mode adds a new character to the game who helps players unlock their camera ability and share clues on where to find select marine wildlife as photography subjects, with several new additions as part of the update.

The third update, targeting a Q3 release, adds boat customisation like paint schemes and flags, which are unlocked through exploration.

The paid DLC features a new story based on the mysterious Ironhaven Corporation, who are looking to establish an innovative drilling operation within the area to revitalise the nearby towns and populations, but with a strange final goal.

Throughout the DLC, you’ll gather materials to construct new buildings and biomatter to fuel the rig, while meeting new characters, crafting new equipment, and catching new fish to uncover the truth behind the organisation’s “potentially nefarious operations”.

Black Salt Games has promised more information on the paid DLC and third free update in the coming months. Dredge is available now for PC, Nintendo Switch, and all PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

If you haven’t checked it out, take a look at our review of the game, which we described as a “compelling and moreish video game that you’ll want to keep playing into the early hours of the morning.”

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