Sifu Free Content Roadmap 2022

Sifu 2022 Roadmap Promises Difficulty Options, An Arena Mode, And More

Sifu developer Sloclap has shared its free content roadmap for 2022, revealing its plans for the future of the game.

The roadmap, which was shared on Twitter earlier today (April 26th), details what players can expect over the coming months, including difficulty options, which players have long called for since the game’s release earlier this year.

Four major updates are planned, with the first to release next week on Tuesday, May 3rd, alongside the physical launch of the game. The Spring update includes three difficulty options; Student, Disciple, and Master, as well as an Advanced Training mode and outfit selections.

In Summer, Sloclap will release gameplay modifiers and advanced scoring, with some examples from the tweet including “one health point”, “no guard”, “stronger enemies”, “all skills unlocked”, and others.

The Autumn update will include a Replay Editor as well as new outfits and modifiers, and the Winder update will include additional modifiers and outfits as well as a new Arena game mode.

Sloclap launched Sifu for PlayStation consoles and PC in February 2022. The game launched to positive reviews, although it received criticism for its challenging gameplay and for its lack of difficulty options at release. That’s changing now with next week’s update, along with other gameplay modes coming in future updates.

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