Sekiro Endings Guide

Sekiro Ending Guide: How To Get All Endings In Sekiro

FromSoftware’s acclaimed 2019 video game Sekiro has four different endings, each of which requires you to complete various objectives at specific times throughout the game. If you’re looking for a guide explaining how to unlock each of the Sekiro endings, keep on reading.

Sekiro Endings

Shura Ending

The Shura Ending in Sekiro is the easiest to get but is considered to be the game’s bad ending. Getting the Shura Ending ends the game early and launches new game plus (NG+), effectively locking you out of higher upgrades and numerous items. However, unlocking this Sekiro ending awards you with the One Mind skill, which allows you to unleash a flurry of attacks from a distance.

To obtain this ending, you’ll need to play through the game to the point where you encounter the Great Shinobi Owl and will be asked to either side with him or Emma and Kuro. When required, you’ll need to side with the Great Shinobi Owl and will have to face two bosses; Emma, The Gentle Blade and Isshin Ashina.

Immortal Severance Ending

Most players will obtain the Immortal Severance Sekiro ending when playing, as it doesn’t require any additional steps and can be unlocked simply by playing the game naturally. Obtaining this ending will unlock NG+ with the Dragon Flash skill, which allows you to perform a fast cut from a sheathed stance.

To unlock this ending, you’ll need to progress through the entire story, side with Kuro and Emma when prompted, beat the final boss, and give Kuro the Divine Dragon’s tears.

Purification Ending

The Purification Ending is one of the more complicated Sekiro endings and is considered a good ending. Like the Immortal Severance ending, this Sekiro ending unlocks NG+ and the Dragon Flash skill. If you’re looking to unlock this ending, pay attention to the steps needed.

Before or immediately after defeating Genichiro at Ashina Castle and acquiring the Mortal Blade, you must talk to Kuro and Emma until they have no more dialogue. After this, eavesdrop on Kuro until there are no more opportunities. After this, progress through the game’s main story and collect the Shelter Stone and Lotus of the Palace items. When you’re given the choice to side with the Great Shinobi Owl, choose to side with Kuro and defeat the Great Shinobi Owl.

Once defeated, complete all conversations and Kuro eavesdropping opportunities until Emma moves to the top of the Ashina Castle stairs. Speak with Emma and agree to keep Kuro alive and acquire the Tomoe’s Note item. From there, travel to the Old Grave Idol and speak with Emma between two tombstones, and then travel to the Dilapidated Temple to eavesdrop on Emma and the Sculptor. Talk to Emma once again and ask her what she’s hiding to acquire the Father’s Bell Charm.

From there, you’ll need to use the Father’s Bell Charm memory at the Buddha statue to unlock a new memory at Hirata Estate. Complete the memory by reaching the Lady Butterfly boss room and defeat the new boss there to collect the Aromatic Flower item. Then, continue playing through the game as normal and after defeating the final boss, give Kuro the Aromatic Flower and the Divine Dragon’s Tears.

Return Ending

The Sekiro Return Ending is considered the true and good ending. Unfortunately, this Sekiro ending is one of the most complicated, requiring you to complete several steps that are all time-sensitive. Like the Purification and Immortal Severance endings, unlocking the Return ending will award you with the Dragon Flash skill. To obtain this ending, you’ll need to do the following:

Acquire the Holy Chapter: Infested early. Before defeating Genichiro, you’ll need to speak to the old woman praying near the Ashina Castle Idol and then speak with a monk praying to the Buddha in the Main Hal Idol at Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo. If you’ve defeated Genichiro and the monk is no longer at Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo, you’ll need to obtain the Mibu Breathing Technique from Mibu Village and dive into a pond near the Temple Grounds Idol.

After acquiring the Holy Chapter: Infested, you’ll need to speak to the Divine Child of Rejuvenation at the Inner Sanctum Idol to collect Rice. Use the Rice on yourself and reset the area, then speak with the Divine Child to acquire more Rice. Repeat this until the Divine Child falls asleep, where you’ll need to ask for Rice one last time and reset the area. When you next speak with the Divine Child, she won’t be feeling well and you’ll need to give her a Persimmon, which can be bought from the vendor in Shugendo. After doing so, ask for Rice and she’ll provide you with Rice for Kuro.

Give Kuro the Rice before defeating the Divine Dragon boss, then reset the area and speak with Kuro, who will give you two Sweet Rice Balls. Use at least one of the Sweet Rice Balls and then speak with the Divine Child, giving her the Holy Chapter: Infested in the process. After doing so and resetting the area, the Divine Child will move to the Illusory Hall. Travel there and speak with her where she’ll tell you to seek out a High Senpou Priest. From here, you’ll need to travel to the Main Hall Idol at Senpou Temple and collect the Holy Chapter: Dragon’s Return item in a cave near the Hall’s entrance. After resting and speaking with the Divine Child, she’ll send you on a mission to acquire two serpentine fruits.

The first serpentine fruit, Dried Serpent Viscera, can be acquired after your encounter with the Great Serpent on the bridge to the Gun Fort area. After this, you’ll need to travel to Bodhisattva Valley and enter a cave beside the Toxic Memorial Mob. In it, you’ll find a Great Serpent and will need to use the Puppeteer Ninjutsu skill on a nearby monkey to distract the serpent, enter a nearby house, and collect the serpentine fruit.

The second serpentine fruit, Fresh Serpent Viscera, requires you to use the Puppeteer Ninjutsu skill on a Large Hat Ministry enemy, making him raise the kite. You’ll then need to climb the hill and use the kite as a grappling point to cross the valley to the Sunken Valley Cavern, where you will need to carry out a plunge attack on the Great Serpent and obtain the second fruit.

After obtaining the serpentine fruits, you’ll need to give them to the Divine Child, rest, and then eavesdrop on her. From here, you’ll need to play through the remainder of the story, collect the Lotus of the Palace and Shelter Stone items, choose to stay loyal to Kuro, and defeat the Great Shinobi Owl. Once you’ve done all of this, you’ll need to burn the Fountainhead Incense and speak with Kuro, and then travel to the Inner Sanctum and speak with the Divine Child to obtain Frozen Tears. After this, you’ll need to continue playing through the game, beat the final boss, speak with Kuro, and give him the Frozen Tears and Divine Dragon’s Tears.

What’s The Best Ending in Sekiro?

Most players consider the Return or Dragon’s Homecoming Ending to be the best, although it’s the game’s most complicated. This ending is also considered to be the game’s true ending, as it generally gives all characters a happy ending, particularly when compared to some of the other endings.

How To Get All Sekiro Endings

If you’re looking to complete everything Sekiro has to offer, including its multiple endings, it’s important to understand that you won’t be able to do so within a single playthrough. We suggest that you try to obtain the Immortal Severance ending as it’s the most common and easiest. This will allow you to obtain as many upgrades as possible and provides you with a chance to complete the game’s story fully.

Once you’ve done that, we suggest you play through new game plus and obtain the Shura Ending as it’s the shortest and offers a unique skill. After unlocking that, you should play through the game twice more to unlock the remaining two endings.

Completing all of the endings in Sekiro will allow you to collect all upgrades and memories, and will give you a chance to face all bosses. All of this is highly important if you’re hoping to unlock all trophies or achievements. It’s going to be time-consuming and hard though, so good luck.

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