PS5 Event Rumour

Next PS5 Event Rumoured For September 9th

The next PlayStation event is rumoured for September 9th.

Sony’s next-generation PS5 console is supposedly launching Holiday 2020, just two to three months away at the time of writing. Currently, we still don’t know how much the console will be at launch, which games will be releasing alongside the console or anything about additional services.

However, new rumours suggest that the next PS5 event may take place on September 9th, almost three months after the original PS5 reveal event. The date has long-been speculated as a placeholder for the next event by fans, and it’s presumed that the next event will unveil more details about the console including a UI reveal and full teardown.

A 4chan user shared supposed details about the rumoured event, suggesting that it will include a full console reveal, a teardown, an official announcement for the console’s release date, and a price reveal too.

In addition, the event will reportedly include gameplay footage of upcoming games such as Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Ratchet And Clank: Rift Apart, GT 7, Demons Souls, Returnal, and Godfall. Also featured will be a new trailer for Horizon: Forbidden West.

PS5 Event Rumour

The user claimed that the event will include a brand new announcement regarding PS Now which will be made available in more countries and will feature a new marketing approach. Finally, the event will reportedly include an announcement for a “big horror game” from Japan Studio as well as partnership announcements of various third-party games, including multiplayer content and timed exclusives.

Although many users have criticised the supposed event and are sceptical of how much gameplay Sony will show. However, one reason so many are adamant that an event will take place on September 9th is because it’s the anniversary of the release of the original PlayStation console in the USA.

What’s even more interesting is that eagle-eyed fans noticed that the French PlayStation YouTube channel had just uploaded four new videos and set them to private, implying that they would be made available at a later date and could be related to the rumoured event.

No other details about the supposed event were revealed but if true, fans won’t have long to wait. If the next-gen event is being held next week, we should see an announcement for it sometime this week so stay tuned for more.

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