Meridiem Games Unveils Enhanced Edition Of Horror Game Insomnis

Meridiem Games has unveiled its upcoming physical Enhanced Edition of first-person horror game Insomnis.

A special boxed edition of the game for PlayStation 5 was announced last month, and Meridiem Games, who is responsible for the manufacture and distribution of the boxed version, has revealed what you can expect with the Enhanced Edition.

According to Meridiem Games, the physical edition of the game will be available across Europe and will include a specially created sleeve, a set of memory cards, and a concept art book offering a look into the game’s conception and creative process.

Insomnis follows Joe Castevet who inherits an old mansion located on the outskirts of the countryside, unaware that his family legacy is cursed. You must help Joe explore his grandfather’s mansion and uncover the dark secrets within it.

The game requires you to solve puzzles as rooms within the mansion change and bring your worst nightmares to life. The game and its mansion is filled with secrets and features multiple endings where the choices made will decide the fate of the characters.

The Enhanced Edition of Insomnis will release this spring for PlayStation 5 consoles. The game is already available digitally for PC and PlayStation consoles, and you can check the trailer out below:

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