Meridiem Games Announces Special Boxed Edition Of Horror Game Insomnis

Meridiem Games has announced that it’s partnered with developer Path Games to launch a special boxed edition of horror game Insomnis.

Under the partnership, Meridiem Games will be responsible for the manufacture and distribution of the limited special boxed edition of Insomnis across Europe for the PlayStation 5. The physical boxed edition of the game will release later this year, and Meridiem Games has confirmed that it will unveil details on what the edition includes in the coming months.

The game released in October 2021 for PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles, and then on PC via Steam last month. Insomnis follows Joe Castevet who inherits an old mansion located on the outskirts of the countryside, unaware that his family legacy is cursed. Players must help Joe explore his grandfather’s mansion and uncover the dark secrets within the mansion while “fighting your own destiny”.

The mansion in Insomnis is one of the key components of the game as nothing is what it seems. Rooms change, and you’ll need to solve complex puzzles on your journey and make serious decisions that can impact the fate of other characters.

You can purchase Insomnis for PC and PlayStation consoles now, but details on the special boxed edition should be released soon. Check back for more updates and while you’re waiting, check out the game’s trailer below:

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