Marvel's Spider-Man 2 All Missions

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Complete Mission List: How Many Are There And Time To Complete

There are a total of 33 main missions in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, along with 21 side missions and plenty of additional activities you can complete across Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn. I’ve compiled a list of all the missions in the game in the order I completed them based on my 30+ hour playthrough, so you can make sure you’ve completed everything within the game.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Main Missions

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Main Missions

There’s a total of 33 main missions in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which all must be completed in the order they’re unlocked. None of the missions can be skipped, but you’re completely free to run around New York and complete any unlocked side activities in between most of them.

The missions, the order you’ll complete them, and what they unlock are:

  1. Surface Tension (Completing unlocks the ‘You’re Gonna Need Help’ trophy)
  2. One Thing At A Time
  3. Show Me New York (Completing unlocks free-roam)
  4. Suit Is Sandy (Completing unlocks alternative suits)
  5. Roll Like We Used To
  6. Not On My Watch (Completing unlocks abilities)
  7. Amends (Completing unlocks Prowler Stashes)
  8. Healing The World (Completing unlocks EMF Experiments)
  9. Bad Guys On The Block
  10. Make Your Own Choices
  11. Master Illusionist (Completing unlocks Mysteriums)
  12. A Second Chance
  13. Science Buddy
  14. Spider-Spy (Completing unlocks Spider-Bots)
  15. Hunt To Live, Live To Hunt
  16. Funky
  17. Good Men
  18. The Flames Have Been Lit
  19. Stay Positive
  20. Wings Of My Own
  21. New Threads
  22. It Chose You (Completing unlocks the ‘Medicine’ trophy)
  23. Wake Up
  24. I’m The Hero Here
  25. No Escape (Completing unlocks the ‘Another Way’ trophy)
  26. Anything Can Be Broken (Completing unlocks the ‘The Great Hunt’ trophy)
  27. Don’t Be Scared
  28. Trouble With Harry (Completing unlocks Symbiote nests)
  29. This Isn’t You (Completing unlocks the ‘I Quit’ trophy)
  30. Set Things Right
  31. It’s All Connected
  32. Finally Free
  33. Together

FNSM App Mission List

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 FNSM Missions

Alongside the above main missions, there are several side missions you can complete via the FNSM App. These are completely optional, but they usually tell some fun stories and introduce new characters.

Completing them rewards you with resources that you can put towards new suits and gear and suit upgrades. If you complete them all, you also unlock the ‘Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man’ trophy.

I completed the FNSM App missions in the below order throughout the story, but you can complete them in any order you want as they’re unlocked.

  1. Rooftop Fireworks
  2. Find Grandpa
  3. Photo Help
  4. Howard (Completing unlocks the ‘A New Adventure’ trophy)
  5. Monster In Queens
  6. Graffiti Trouble

Brooklyn Visions Missions (As Miles)

Marvel's Spider-Man Brookly Visions All Missions

There are a total of five Brooklyn Visions missions, which see you play as Miles as he attempts to help the students at Brooklyn Visions. Completing all of the missions rewards you with a unique suit for Miles, as part of the ‘A Gift’ mission.

You unlock the ‘Brooklyn Pride’ trophy for completing the final mission ‘A Gift’, which also rewards you with a unique suit. The missions all count towards 100% completion and you’ll need to complete them all to unlock the ‘Kitted Out’ trophy for purchasing all suits.

I completed the Brooklyn Visions missions in the following order:

  1. BV Club Fair
  2. Homecoming
  3. Senior Prank
  4. Lights, Camera, Action
  5. A Gift

The Flame Missions (As Peter)

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Flame Missions

The game comes with four Flame side missions, which follow Peter as he assists Wraith in hunting down the leader of a strange cult. Completing all Flame missions unlocks the ‘Crimson Hour’ trophy.

The missions can only be completed in the following order and unlock via main story progression or once completed:

  1. Where Have You Been?
  2. Everything Burns
  3. I Knew You Had It In You
  4. It Was Meant For Me

Cultural Museum (As Miles)

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Cultural Museum Missions

The two Cultural Museum missions follow Miles as he attempts to help a local music museum as they struggle with finances and criminals. Completing the second mission, unlocked after the first, rewards you with the ‘My Community’ trophy as well as a unique suit, which counts towards the ‘Kitted Out’ suit trophy.

  1. Bebop
  2. Hard Bop

Open World Content

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Side Activities

Alongside the above main and side missions, there are several activities you can complete across Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn which add up to the game’s 100% completion rate.

The side content available, including how many there are, the order they become available, and the missions they unlock are:

  • 14 Marko Memories
  • 23 Photos (Completing all unlocks the ‘New York, New York’ trophy)
  • 8 Prowler Stashes as Miles
  • 9 EMF Experiments as Peter (Completing all unlocks the ‘Foundational’ trophy)
  • 10 Mysteriums as Miles
  • 42 Spider-Bots
  • 11 Hunter Blinds (Completing each per district unlocks the corresponding bases)
  • 4 Hunter Bases (Completing all unlocks the ‘Seek And Destroy’ trophy)
  • 8 Unidentified Targets (Completing all unlocks the ‘Data Collector’ trophy)
  • 10 Symbiote Nests (Completing all unlocks the ‘Exterminator’ trophy)

Completing the above side activities also trigger unique end missions for them, which unlock each activity’s corresponding trophy:

  • Remember (Triggers after finding all of Marko’s Memories and unlocks the ‘Grains Of Sand’ trophy)
  • Room For The Future as Miles (Triggers after finding all Prowler Stashes and unlocks the ‘Co-Signing trophy)
  • Grand Finale as Miles (Triggers after completing all Mysteriums at ANY level and unlocks the ‘Behind The Masks’ trophy)
  • The Message (Triggers after finding all Spider-Bots and unlocks the ‘Funky Wireless Protocols’ trophy)

How Long Does It Take To Complete Everything?

Most players have claimed to have completed the main story of Spider-Man 2 within 15 hours by beelining it, while completing all side activities and earning the platinum takes upwards of 25 hours.

According to my PlayStation 5, it took me around 30 hours to complete the main game, all side activities, and unlock the game’s trophy. The time it’ll take you to complete everything will vary depending on how many trophies you’re able to unlock while playing.

Here’s some tips on how to speed up trophy unlocks:

  • Make sure to use Peter’s Spider-Arm abilities as much as you can while fighting, as you need to defeat 100 enemies with them to get the ‘Armed And Dangerous’ trophy. This can be difficult if you’ve cleared all story missions and combat-based side activities, since you’ll need to rely on random crimes like I did.
  • Try to use Miles’ Evolved Venom abilities as much as you can, as you need to defeat 100 enemies with them for the ‘Evolved’ trophy. Thankfully, Miles still has a few combat side activities – Mysteriums and the Cultural Museum missions – to use them on.
  • Once unlocked, use Peter’s Symbiote abilities as often as possible WHILE using Symbiote Surge, as you need to use them 25 times during Symbiote Surge for the ‘Surge’ trophy. Again, this can be difficult if you’ve cleared all story missions and side activities!
  • When playing through the main story, use Web Lines for stealth as much as possible. You’ll need to take down 25 enemies using them for the ‘Slack Linetrophy.
  • Once unlocked, make sure to use Miles’ Reverse Flux to pull-in six or more enemies simultaneously for the ‘Overdrive’ trophy. This should be easy to unlock, and I nabbed this trophy immediately after unlocking the ability.

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 as much as I did and now have a rough idea of how long the game is.

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