Alien: Isolation Ion Torch

How To Get The Ion Torch In Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation is widely regarded as one of the most frightening survival horror games around. Whether you’re facing the Xenomorph, androids or humans, there is a range of tools available at your disposal to assist you, including the Ion Torch. Find out what it is and how to get the Ion Torch in Alien: Isolation with our guide here.

What Is The Ion Torch?

The Ion Torch is an upgrade for the Plasma Torch, which is a device that is used to cut through metal and unlock blocked vents or clamped doors.

The upgraded Ion Torch can cut through additional metal types than previous iterations, further allowing you to unlock additional doors and vents for expanded exploration.

Finding The Ion Torch

The Ion Torch can be found in the fourteenth mission of Alien: Isolation – The Descent. The upgrade is close to the beginning of the mission, found after leaving the elevator, powering up the nearby tram and entering the next main section where you’ll need to avoid a camera and a single android.

In the same area, there will be a room with a map. Directly opposite will be another room where the Ion Torch can be found on a desk. Simply approach the Ion Torch and interact with it to pick the tool up.

Alien Isolation Ion Torch Location
The Ion Torch can be found in the highlighted room above, opposite the room with a map.

The Ion Torch works just like its previous iterations (Gas and Plasma), as you simply need to approach a yellow barred vent or clamps, and then follow the shape to cut through the metal.

With the torch, you’ll be able to backtrack to previously-explored areas to unlock rooms that were inaccessible, usually filled with collectables and resources.

That’s it! Now you know exactly where to find the Ion Torch in Alien: Isolation. Good luck against the horrors of Sevastopol!

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