Alien: Isolation Mission List

Alien: Isolation Mission List – Find Out How Far You Are In The Game

Are you wondering how far you are into Alien: Isolation and want to know how long you have left? Well, there are a total of eighteen missions, all of which vary in length, and I found the game’s difficulty made the game feel much longer as I struggled again and again with several sections. Check my list of the game’s missions below.

1: Closing The Book

Closing The Book is the first mission in Alien: Isolation and it sees you explore the Torrens as it heads towards Sevastopol, a freeport space station operated by Seegson. You’ll meet several crew members and gain a basic understanding of the game.

2: Welcome To Sevastopol

The second mission is Welcome To Sevastopol in which you board the Sevastopol and must make your way through the abandoned station while trying to piece together what has happened.

3: Encounters

Encounters is the third mission in Alien: Isolation and it follows Ripley as she disables security lockdown and comes face to face with the alien.

4: Seegson Communications

Seegson Communications is the next mission in the game, which sees you continue exploring Sevastopol with the new Motion Tracker tool.

5: The Quarantine

The Quarantine is a mission in Alien: Isolation that most players have difficulty with, as it’s the first where you’re required to truly take on and avoid the alien while exploring and completing objectives. In the mission, you’re tasked with finding a passcode and Dr Morley’s keycard.

6: The Outbreak

In The Outbreak, you take a break from the alien but must face a different type of enemy; synthetics. Avoid them, use the new stun baton tool, and get the next passcode.

7: Seegson Synthetics

Seegson Synthetics is the seventh mission in Alien: Isolation, and you must repair an elevator to continue the game. To repair the lift, you’ll need special equipment which you’ll find by sneaking past human enemies and once again avoiding the alien.

8: Haven

In Haven, you’ll need to acquire the Blowtorch tool to proceed through the game and help one of your injured crewmates.

9: Beacon

In mission nine, Beacon, you take a break from playing as Amanda Ripley and instead follow Marlow on planet LV426 to discover how the Xenomorph landed on the Sevastopol.

10: The Trap

The next mission is The Trap, where you work with other allies to contain and trap the Xenomorph and eject it off the station.

11: Hazard Containment

After arriving back on Sevastopol, you and Amanda must avoid the synthetics or Working Joes, who have had their priorities changed by Apollo to attack on sight.

12: Synthetic Solution

In the Synthetic Solution Alien: Isolation mission, you’re tasked with finding Samuels and a way to Apollo. Along the way, you’re going to need to avoid more Working Joes.

13: Consultation

Consultation is the thirteenth mission in Alien: Isolation. In it, you explore Apollo to learn more about the space station and its involvement with Weyland Yutani.

14: The Descent

In The Descent, you as Amanada leave Apollo and must explore the Reactor Core and the Xenomorph nest, where you’ll need to avoid several aliens.

15: The Message

In The Message, the fifteenth mission of Alien: Isolation, you must track down Marlow who has made his way back to his ship, The Anesidora, with Taylor.

16: Transmission

Transmission is the sixteenth mission in Alien: Isolation, and it sees you make your way to the communications antenna, located outside Sevastopol.

17: Desolation

The penultimate mission of Alien: Isolation is Desolation, wherein you must make your way through the penthouse area of the station to reach the Spaceflight Terminal, facing more aliens along the way.

18: Tomorrow, Together

Tomorrow, Together is the final mission in Alien: Isolation, and it follows Amanda as she must escape Sevastopol as it falls apart, but must face the remaining aliens one last time.

I hope my Alien: Isolation mission list helps you work out where you are into the game and how long you have left of the exciting and griping title.

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