How Many Bosses Are In Cult Of The Lamb

How Many Bosses Are In Cult Of The Lamb?

There are a total of four main bosses in Cult Of The Lamb and one additional optional main boss. If you want to learn more about the different bosses in Cult Of The Lamb and how to take them on, keep reading our guide right here.

Cult Of The Lamb Bosses

The four main bosses are known as Bishops in Cult Of The Lamb and they all reside in the game’s four main dungeons, which include:

  • Darkwood: Leshy
  • Anura: Heket
  • Anchordeep: Kallamar
  • Silk Cradle: Shamura

You’ll need to defeat the four bishops in the above order to complete the game. To reach a Bishop, you’ll need to complete three successful runs of each area, which means defeating the mini-boss at the end of each run. The mini-bosses you’ll fight include:

  • Darkwood: Amdusias, Valefar, and Barbatos
  • Anura: Gusion, Eligos, and Zepar
  • Anchordeep: Saleos, Harborym, and Baalzebub
  • Silk Cradle: Focalor, Vephar, and Hauras

On your fourth run, you’ll face the Bishop for the corresponding area and must defeat it to progress the game.

[spoiler]Once you’ve defeated the four main Bishops, you will need to face The One Who Waits and will be given the option to either kneel to him or refuse and defeat him.

If you choose to fight The One Who Waits, you’ll need to defeat his guards Baal and Aym, and then complete two phases against The One Who Waits.[/spoiler]

How Many Followers Are Needed For Each Area?

Before you can take on any of the bosses, you’ll need to unlock them by amassing a select number of followers, with 12 living followers required to unlock all four dungeons:

  • Darkwood: One
  • Anura: Seven
  • Anchordeep: Nine
  • Silk Cradle: Twelve

Once you’ve defeated the game’s four main Bishops, you’ll then need a total of 20 living followers to complete the game.

Can You Fight Bosses Again?

Yes! After defeating any of the main Bishops, you can head back to their corresponding dungeon and destroy their statue – now marked with a cross to denote their defeat – to reveal a teleporter.

Using it will transport you back to their boss room where you can defeat the four main Bishops again. If you do not use the teleporter, you’ll instead face a new mini-boss, which can be defeated to unlock additional rewards.

Defeating the Bishops again without taking damage during the fight is a requirement if you’re looking to grab all achievements or trophies, so good luck!

That’s our guide to the bosses in Cult Of The Lamb. We hope you enjoy the game, and while you’re here, why not take a look at how to give gifts in the game here.

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