Returnal Tower Of Sisyphus Mode

Housemarque Shares Gameplay Video Of Returnal’s Tower Of Sisyphus Mode

Developer Housemarque has shared a new 18-minute gameplay video of Returnal’s new Tower Of Sisyphus mode.

During last week’s State Of Play, Housemarque announced the free Ascension update for Returnal, adding co-op and the new Tower Of Sisyphus endless mode, which takes place in the Tower Of Sisyphus. The mode sees you climb the procedurally generated and constantly-changing Tower while facing waves of enemies and amassing a high score through multipliers.

As revealed in the new gameplay video, you will work through different phases of the tower, each of which contains multiple rooms. The Tower includes old and new enemies, as well as a slew of old and new weapons, upgrades, parasites, and more.

The mode’s multiplier only increases during combat and slowing down will cause it to deplete, forcing you to move quickly and make fast decisions to keep your multiplier score growing. There are new gameplay mechanics too, like bonus rooms you can teleport to by fulfilling objectives. The bonus rooms will include rewards, but they can be dangerous too.

In addition to showcasing all of the above, Housemarque’s new gameplay video offers a look at one of the mode’s new bosses, Algos, and some first-person narrative cutscenes you’ll be able to unlock throughout the mode.

The Tower Of Sisyphus mode will launch as part of the free Ascension 3.0 update on March 22nd. You can check out the gameplay video below:

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