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Horizon Forbidden West – ‘The Point Of The Lance’ Walkthrough

‘The Point Of The Lance’ is the second overall mission in Horizon Forbidden West and the game’s first interlude mission. Subtlety named after the Horizon: Zero Dawn mission ‘The Point Of The Spear’ in which Aloy takes on a Sawtooth for the first time, this mission sees Aloy return to Meridian, reunite with old friends, and investigate a strange occurrence at the Spire.

Mission NameRecommended LevelNew ToolsMachinesRewards
The Point Of The Lance4SpearNone1,500 XP

Explore The Spire

After a cutscene plays in which Aloy is welcomed back to Aloy and receives news of a strange occurrence at the Spire, Aloy, with Varl and Blameless Marad, visit the Spire. When the cutscene ends, we suggest you explore the Spire for some lore and special dialogue before examining the Orb that contained Hades. Check out the statue built in Aloy’s honour, some of the destruction that Meridians haven’t been able to clear up, and the nearby Memorial for those fallen in battle. Once done, make your way to Hades’ Orb and examine it, triggering a cutscene.

Climb The Spire

After the cutscene, you’ll be tasked with climbing to the top of the Spire to investigate the transmission. From the Orb, turn right and make your way to a tall support beam. Climb it, jump backwards from the beam onto some wooden scaffolding with a loot crate. Continue climbing upwards and make a backwards and sidewards jump to reach some ramps that lead you further up the scaffolding.

Eventually, you’ll come across some wooden cranes, climb along the first and then use your Pullcaster to move the second closer to you. Jump to it, and then follow it along to the Spire. Use your Pullcaster to reveal a Grappling point, and then jump to the Spire and start climbing. You’ll eventually reach a fork, follow the right pathway and then climb up. You’ll eventually reach another fork, follow the left pathway to find that one of the Spire’s panels is open.

Jump towards it, and climb up into the Spire to trigger another cutscene, where you’ll meet a familiar face.

Modify Your Spear And Catch-Up With Friends

After the cutscene plays, you’ll be back down on the ground. Immediately approach Varl and Marad and speak with them to share your findings. After that cutscene, you’ll be given two objectives; modify your newly-acquired Spear and speak with Aloy’s friends, the latter is optional.

Follow the objective marker forward and up a ramp towards a Workbench where you can upgrade your Spear by holding the X button. You’ll be returning to Workbenches like this frequently to create new weapons and upgrade Aloy’s equipment, so familiarise yourself. After this, you can either head back to Varl and Marad to continue the mission or spend some time with Aloy’s friends for special dialogue and lore.

If you want to speak with Aloy’s friends, immediately turn left from the Workbench and speak with Uthid and Vanasha. From them, turn round and make your way back to Varl and Marad, but turn right to speak with Nasadi and Itamen. Once you’ve had a good natter with them, find Sun King Avad opposite them. Speaking with him will trigger one of the game’s many Flashpoints, in which you can select Aloy’s response. Once done, head back to Varl and Marad.

Speaking with Varl and Marad will end the mission and launch the game’s second main mission and third overall, ‘To The Brink’.

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