The Eye Of The Earth

Horizon Forbidden West – ‘The Eye Of The Earth’ Walkthrough

The Eye Of The Earth is the second interlude and the seventh mission in Horizon Forbidden West. The mission is a continuation of The Dying Lands, and it sees Aloy, Varl, and Zo as they explore a facility adjacent to the Repair Bay in search of sub-function Minerva.

Mission NameRecommended LevelNew ToolsMachinesRewards
The Eye Of The Earth17Fabrication TerminalNone8,500 XP
2 Skill Points

Explore The Facility

Immediately after clearing the cauldron with Zo and Varl, the next mission – The Eye Of The Earth – begins. Your first objective will be to enter the facility at the Core of the Repair Bay cauldron. The entrance will be located to your right from the Repair Bay Core.

When you enter, you’ll be greeted by a synthetic voice. Follow the room along and climb the staircase until you reach a door. Open it and you’ll find yourself in what looks like a lab. There will be another door, but when you interact with it, the facility will go into lockdown.

To leave the room, you’ll need to force open a pair of doors and climb the elevator shaft within. When you reach the top, you’ll emerge into a hallway. Follow it along until you reach another set of doors that you can pry open, leading into a data room. On the south side of the room will be a small storage room with a grate you can pull open with your Pullcaster.

Climb inside it to reach another room, and then proceed through the next open grate. This will lead you to an opening with some Greenshine, grab it for weapon and armour upgrades. Then turn around and head back the way you just came in. Ahead of you, on the wall to your right, will be several grapple points you can use to climb up to an open grate. Crawl through the air vent and you’ll emerge outside the facility.

Climb Up The Mountain

To head back into the facility, you’ll need to climb the mountain. Follow the mountain up to a ledge, and you’ll see a cliff face you can climb. When you reach the top, you’ll need to jump to your right onto a rock formation, and then jump again to wrap around the cliff and continue climbing higher.

You’ll eventually reach a ledge that you can jump and glide from to reach another ledge. Climb up the cliff face to reach a higher point of the mountain, and then jump across the nearby gap to reach a rock formation you can pry open.

Head inside and you’ll eventually crawl through an air vent and emerge into a room. Follow the walkway around and climb up the staircase until you reach a rappel point. Rappel down into the room below and insert the GAIA Kernel into the console, triggering a cutscene.

Explore The Base

With GAIA back up and merged with Minerva, the facility has been unlocked and you can explore it. Head down the staircase into the main room of the Base. There will be several rooms that branch off it, although some will still be locked. Enter the rooms you can to learn more about them, including the lab you and Aloy’s allies were locked in.

You’ll be instructed to use the Fabrication Terminal, a console that will allow you to unlock corrupted machine overrides with machine parts. Use the Fabrication Terminal to unlock any of the overrides you can, then exit the menu. Once you’ve explored each of the rooms available to you, GAIA will call you back to the Control Room for a lengthy discussion in which you’ll learn more about the remaining sub-functions and the mysterious strangers from the Hades Proving Lab.

When you finish your conversation with GAIA, you’ll need to meet Varl and Zo at the West Door of the base. Meet them to trigger a cutscene, complete the interlude, and open up the Western-most portion of the game’s map.

From here, you’ll be able to chase after any of the three sub-functions, regardless of which you chose when speaking to GAIA.

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