Forspoken PS5 Demo Gets New Patch, PC Specs And Features Announced

Square Enix’s Luminous Productions has released an update for the Forspoken demo and announced the specs required for the game on PC.

Announced in a developer livestream and posted on Twitter, the demo update for PlayStation 5 will include fixes for “various technical issues” and has adjusted text sizes, added button mapping functionality, and improved the game’s lock-on, so enemies that move off-screen will remain locked-on for longer.

In addition to releasing a demo update, Luminous Productions also confirmed the minimum, recommended, and ultra required specs for the game on PC to run it at 720p 30fps, 1440p 30fps, and 2160p 60fps, respectively.

Finally, the studio shared details on some of the PC-specific features you can enjoy, including DualSense controller support, full HDR support, super widescreen support during gameplay, and customisable resolutions, aspect ratios, and graphical features.

After several delays, Forspoken will finally launch next week on January 24th for PC via Steam and PlayStation 5. Check out the latest trailer below:

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