First-Person Psychological Horror Game Unholy Gets 2023 Release Date

Polish developer Duality Games and HOOK, the publisher of Cthulhu roguelite Madshot, have announced a release date for Unholy, an upcoming first-person psychological horror game.

The game follows the disappearance of a child from a run-down post-soviet town where you, through exploration, stealth, puzzle solving, and combat, must traverse between reality and a mysterious and twisted Unholy world to unveil the terrifying truth.

You’ll need to explore the game’s brutalist post-soviet Eastern European town as well as the creepy and twisted world of Unholy, which has been described as a “grotesque society ruled by a relentless priest caste”.

The game also features a unique emotion mechanic, where you’ll need to use any of the game’s four emotions – anger, desire, fear, and sadness – to interact with the world and destroy objects, trigger mechanisms, or solve puzzles. The emotional system can also be used to confuse, damage or lure enemies.

Everyone in the world of Unholy wears masks, and you’ll need to craft your own to acquire new skills and improve your abilities or to confuse, impersonate, and infiltrate your enemies.

Unholy will release in 2023 for PC via Steam and for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles. Check out the new trailer below:

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