Wildcat Gun Machine Release Date

Dungeon Crawler Wildcat Gun Machine Gets May 4th Release Date

Daedalic Entertainment and developer Chunkybox Games has announced a May release date for upcoming bullet hell game Wildcat Gun Machine.

The bullet hell dungeon crawler was announced back in September 2021, and it whisks you to maze-like dungeons filled with disgusting and ferocious enemies that you must face in order to liberate giant mech robots from demonic elder gods.

To tackle the game’s various enemies, you’ll have to utilise any of the game’s 40 guns and super abilities, with upgradable skills available too.

The game’s dungeons are specially designed rather than randomised, and they include challenging combat challenges and epic set-piece boss battles.

Wildcat Gun Machine will release for PC via Steam and all major consoles on May 4th, 2022. Check out the trailer below:

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