Shadows Of Doubt

Detective sim Shadows Of Doubt to launch on PS5 and Xbox Series later this year

ColePowered Games’ detective sim Shadows Of Doubt is coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles later this year, it’s been announced.

The game, which launched last April in Steam Early Access, tasks you with solving crimes as a private investigator in fully simulated cities with citizens that each have their own jobs, homes, and routines.

You can approach cases in different ways by reading private messages, bribing citizens, checking CCTV, breaking and entering, and using various gadgets to uncover clues.

Since releasing on PC, Shadows Of Doubt has received several updates that have added new types of investigations, tools, game mechanics, and locations.

September 2023’s Cheats And Liars update added infidelity investigations and a multi-storey hotel, while others have added mod support, new weather, and more.

The game, which earned a 2023 Steam Award nomination for Most Innovative Gameplay, made an appearance during The Triple-i Initiative during which the console release was announced alongside the launch of a new content update.

Named The Sharpshooter Assassin, the update added a new type of killer to the game and a new investigation where you must track down a sniper.

As listed on Steam, the update also added two new buildings, 11 new player perks to unlock like fast travel and security clearances, a revamped user interface, an auto-travel feature, and more.

Shadows Of Doubt will launch on PS5 and Xbox consoles later this year and is available at a discount on Steam until April 24th.

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