Demon's Souls Remake

Demon’s Souls Remake Will Feature Over 180 Activity Help Videos

The Demon’s Souls remake has more than 180 Activity help videos to aid users playing the PS5 launch title.

Last month, PlayStation unveiled the brand new UI of the upcoming PS5 console and one of the new features of the console are Activities, cards which allow players to instantly jump to levels and challenges within a game.

The feature will also include video guides for specific missions or challenges, and for general gameplay which users can overlay while playing a game.

In a brand new interview with The Washington Post, Demon’s Souls Creative Director Gavin Moore has confirmed that the game will ship with more than 180 videos, each of which has increasing levels of visibility regarding what’s needed to complete parts of the game.

Although many hardcore fans have criticised the feature, it’s been welcomed by many others who are looking to experience Demon’s Souls, part of the notoriously difficult Soulsborne franchise, for the first time.

In the same interview, Moore shared some details about the DualSense’s haptic feedback with the Demon’s Souls remake, stating that players will be able to feel attacks through the controller.

He said: “You can feel metal strike metal. You can feel it in your hands when you make a perfect parry to give you the counterattack. You can feel the block was correct. I hit home. I felt it hit home.

“I know I gave that boss damage, and I can get out there, move back and wait for their attack to come in. So it actually makes the gameplay better and it makes the game feel a little bit easier.”

Demon’s Souls will release in the UK on November 12th, a week before the PlayStation 5’s launch on November 19th. While you’re waiting, why not check out what’s changed and what’s remained in the same in Demon’s Souls.

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