Dredge DLC Delayed

Black Salt Games Delays Dredge’s Story DLC To 2024

Developer Black Salt Games has delayed Dredge’s story DLC The Iron Rig to next year.

Earlier this year, the developer unveiled its 2023 content plan, which included free DLC that has now been released, as well as a paid story-based expansion set to release in Q4 2023.

Now, in a statement shared to X (Formerly Twitter), the studio has announced a delay to the expansion, saying: “We planned to spend a few months crafting this exciting addition and release it Q4 this year.

“However, as we progressed, we were faced with the reality that, given the time of the year, we’d need more lead time to co-ordinate our marketing and make the launch as exciting as it could be.”

The studio added: “We were genuinely disheartened because we knew we had made a commitment to all our dedicated players, but we firmly believed there was only one path forward and that was to delay ‘The Iron Rig’ until next year while still delivering an exciting DLC to our players in 2023.”

Black Salt Games has promised that the team are working on “additional content” with details to come soon.

If you missed it when the DLC roadmap was unveiled, The Iron Rig is based on the mysterious Ironhaven Corporation, which is looking to establish a drilling operation to revitalise the game’s towns and populations.

As part of the DLC, you’ll be tasked with gathering materials, constructing buildings, amassing biomatter to fuel the drilling operation, meeting new characters, and uncovering the truth behind the organisation’s plan.

The Lovecraftian fishing simulator Dredge is available now for PC and all consoles, including the recently released free DLC.

Check my review of the game here, where I described it as one of the best indie games I’ve played for its art style, gameplay, and combination of cosy fishing sim and horror game.

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