Omega Warp Demo

2D Sci-Fi Adventure Game Omega Warp Gets Steam Demo

Cian Games has announced the launch of a demo for its upcoming 2D sci-fi adventure game Omega Warp.

The demo is available now on Steam for PC and Linux, and the game will participate in Steam Next Fest between February 6th and 13th, 2023.

The Omega Warp demo has no time limit. It includes the beginning of the game and an entire deck to explore.

As we reported last September, Omega Warp sees you explore the ISE Horizon Prime interstellar freighter to uncover the mystery surrounding its loss of communication with Earth.

You’ll play as either Lana Winfort or Stean Redfire as you explore the ship to acquire weapons and upgrades, complete missions, discover secrets through datalogs by the freighter’s crew, and fight various enemies with battery-powered energy weapons.

Omega Warp will launch in 2023 on Steam, and you can wishlist it now.

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