Omega Warp

Explore A Mysterious Interstellar Freighter In 2D Action Game Omega Warp

Brazilian indie developer Cian Games has announced its latest game, a 2D sci-fi-themed action-adventure titled Omega Warp.

The upcoming game is set on the ISE Horizon Prime interstellar freighter that you must explore to uncover the mysteries surrounding its loss of communication with the base of operations on Earth.

Gameplay will require you to play as investigators Lana Winfort or Stean Redfire and explore the ship’s interconnected decks to acquire new weapon and space armour upgrades, complete missions, discover secrets to accumulate experience, and fight enemies with battery-charged energy and explosive weapons.

You’ll also find datalogs scattered throughout the freighter that offer an insight into the daily life, history, and secrets of the long-gone crew.

Omega Warp will release in 2023 for PC via Steam, and you can wishlist it now. In the meantime, check out the announcement trailer below:

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