The Last Of Us Part 2 Chapter List

The Last Of Us Part 2 Chapters List: How Many Are There?

There are a total of 11 chapters in The Last Of Us Part Two, each of which focuses on particular sections or locations and are split into multiple subsections. Like with our The Last Of Us chapter guide, we’ve put together a brief page detailing the various chapters in The Last Of Us Part 2, which is longer than its predecessor, to help you work out how long the game is and where you are in it.

PLEASE NOTE: We’ve tried to keep story spoilers to a minimum but there may still be spoilers in this guide, so proceed at your own risk.


The first chapter of The Last Of Us Part 2 focuses mostly on setting up the game’s story and teaching you the gameplay mechanics. There aren’t many collectables here, and the majority of the chapter will involve watching cutscenes.

  • Prologue: Return to Jackson with Tommy and learn the basics of the game
  • Waking Up: Explore Jackson as Ellie and prepare for patrol with new characters Dina and Jesse
  • The Overlook: Explore the outskirts of Jackson as a new character while facing your first Infected enemies
  • Patrol: Complete your patrol with Dina before a snowstorm hits
  • The Horde: Escape from a horde of Infected
  • The Chalet: Track the mysterious new visitors and learn more about their true motives
  • Packing Up: Get your belongings together and prepare to leave Jackson to find the WLF

Seattle Day One

Seattle Day One is the first main section of the game, and it sees you begin Ellie’s journey to find the WLF (Washington Liberation Front or Wolves) across Seattle, including its outskirts and parts of the city’s downtown. Expect plenty of collectables and combat encounters from here on, as well as chances to upgrade your skills too.

  • The Gate: Follow the freeway along and explore the city outskirts until you reach the WLF gate
  • Downtown: Explore an open-area downtown Seattle with Dina to find a way to unlock the WLF gate and learn more about the group
  • Eastbrook Elementary: After being abducted by Wolves, Ellie and Dine must escape the WLFs at Eastbrook Elementary
  • Capitol Hill: Explore the town of Capitol Hill while making your way to the TV station in the distance with Dina
  • Channel 13: Explore the TV station to find the WLF member Ellie and Dina are after, and then encounter a new threat before being bombarded by Wolves
  • The Tunnels: Escape from the WLFs via the metro tunnels of Seattle and face Infected enemies, including a new sub-type known as Shamblers
  • The Theatre: Retreat to the Theatre with Dina and set up your safe house for the subsequent days
  • The Birthday Gift: Enjoy a flashback between Joel and Ellie on her birthday between the first and second games

Seattle Day Two

The Seattle Day Two chapter continues your progression across Seattle and your hunt for Abby as you explore a town on the outskirts of the city, the large hospital used as a base by the WLF, and two additional flashbacks.

  • Hillcrest: Explore the Hillcrest neighbourhood after overhearing about disruption to the WLF by an unknown assailant
  • Finding Strings: Enjoy another flashback with Joel, Ellie, and Tommy in Jackson
  • The Seraphites: Learn more about the Seraphites and break into the WLF hospital to track down a prominent member who may have information on Abby’s whereabouts
  • St. Mary’s Hospital: Complete another flashback in which you return to St. Mary’s hospital in Salt Lake City after the events of the first game

Seattle Day Three

Seattle Day Three is the end of the first half of the game, and it sees you explore the coast of Seattle during a dangerous thunderstorm and use all of the skills you’ve learned to survive the threats in your way.

  • Road To The Aquarium: Make your way to the aquarium where Abby may be hiding and face various WLF soldiers
  • The Flooded City: Continue your journey towards the aquarium while exploring a flooded Seattle and facing Seraphites
  • Infiltration: Break into the aquarium to face WLF members before returning to the theatre

The Park

The Park is a flashback that centres on Abby, introducing her backstory and the reason she ventures to Jackson.

  • Tracking Lesson: Explore the park to find Abby’s father and some big reveals

Seattle Day One

Seattle Day One tells Abby’s story in Seattle after her journey to Jackson, and it sees you meet several familiar faces and learn more about the WLFs and their way of living in Seattle.

  • The Stadium: Explore the WLF stadium before leaving for The Forward Base with WLF soldiers, a journey that is interrupted by Seraphites
  • On Foot: Following the Seraphite’s attack, you as Abby with Manny, Mel, and Alice must continue towards the FOB on foot while fighting off more Seraphites
  • The Forward Base: Explore The Forward Base and interact with other WLF soldiers before meeting Isaac, the WLF leader
  • The Aquarium: Enjoy a flashback between Abby and Owen shortly after the events of the Tracking Lesson segment
  • Hostile Territory: Embark on a quest to find Owen who has disappeared and betrayed the WLF while surviving multiple Seraphite encounters
  • Winter Visit: Complete another flashback set the Christmas before the events in Jackson at the start of the game
  • The Forest: After being abducted by Seraphites, Abby and Scar Apostates Lev and Yara must escape the forest by fighting Stalkers and other infected
  • The Coast: After escaping the forest, Abby leaves her new allies and continues her journey along the coast to Owen

Seattle Day Two

The Seattle Day Two sees Abby retrace her steps to find Yara and Lev and help the Seraphite Apostates after their experience in the forest.

  • The Shortcut: Make your way back along the coast to where Abby had left Yara and Lev, facing Seraphites and Infected along the way
  • The Descent: Yara needs help, and Abby and Lev embark on a journey through downtown Seattle’s skyscrapers to the city’s hospital where they can gather medical supplies
  • Ground Zero: Explore Seattle hospital, which was Ground Zero for the outbreak, and face groups of Infected while searching for medical supplies
  • Return To The Aquarium: Return to the aquarium with Lev and the medical supplies to help Yara

Seattle Day Three

Seattle Day Three is the final day as Abby, and it sees you venture out to Seraphite Island where you’ll learn more about the faction.

  • The Marina: Head towards the marina, where Abby and Yara hope to get a boat to Seraphite Island, although they’re under attack by a mysterious sniper
  • The Island: Explore the Seraphite Island, while facing several Scars as you search for Yara and Lev’s home
  • The Escape: Escape Seraphite Island with Lev, which has come under attack by the WLF during a thunderstorm
  • The Confrontation: Return to the aquarium and head to the theatre to face Ellie

The Farm

The Farm is a short chapter set after the events of Seattle, and it follows Ellie, Dina, and JJ as they enjoy their home on a farm before a familiar face returns to them.

  • The Farm: Explore the farm and enjoy family life with Dina and JJ

Santa Barbara

The penultimate chapter in The Last Of Us Part 2 is set in Santa Barbara and it swaps between Abby and Ellie’s points of view.

  • 2425 Constance: Help Abby and Lev find clues as to the Fireflies’ whereabouts in Santa Barbara
  • Pushing Inland: Explore the coast of Santa Barbara as Ellie as she tracks Abby and Lev’s whereabouts towards a resort occupied by a faction known as Rattlers
  • The Resort: Battle your way through the resort towards Abby and Lev while facing numerous Rattlers and Infected
  • The Beach: Confront Abby on the beach of the resort

The Farm

The final chapter in The Last Of Us Part 2 is incredibly short and simply sees you return to the farm Ellie once called home.

  • The Farm, Epilogue: Explore the farm to find Dina and JJ

That’s it! Those are all of the chapters in The Last Of Us Part 2. We hope our chapter guide will help you work out where you are in the game and how long you have left. The Last Of Us Part 2 is a much longer game than its predecessor, but it takes on a great journey.

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