The Last Of Us Part 1 Firefly Pendants Locations

The Last Of Us Part 1 Firefly Pendant Locations

Firefly pendants are a collectable in The Last Of Us Part 1, which belong to the Fireflies militia group. There are 12 chapters in The Last Of Us Part 1, and while the majority of chapters have Firefly pendants, there are several chapters that do not. Collecting all pendants awards you the ‘Look For The Light’ trophy and helps in getting the ‘Scavenger’ trophy for all collectables and the game’s platinum too. Below, you’ll find a list of all The Last Of Us Part 1 Firefly pendants and their locations.

The Quarantine Zone

#1: David Michael Virgil

The first Firefly pendant can be found in an apartment that is accessed by climbing a ladder near a pizza restaurant. The pendant can be found on a desk in a room with bunk beds and a mattress on the floor.

#2: Ben Glueck

The Ben Glueck Firefly pendant can be found outside the building where you lay a plank for Tess in a small garden hanging from a tree branch. Either shoot it down or throw a brick or bottle at the pendant to collect it.

#3: Philip Liu

After meeting Ellie for the first time, the Phillip Liu The Last Of Us Firefly pendant can be located on a body near a parking meter.

The Outskirts

#4: Joseph Lenz

This Firefly pendant can be found on a tree branch in downtown Boston before entering the large office building. You’ll need to either shoot the pendant down or throw a brick at it.

#5: Michael Keper

Located in the museum after climbing a collapsed floor. Once you’ve reached the top, climb to the narrow ledge on the left and shuffle towards a display case where the pendant can be found inside.

#6: Melinda Davidson

When you’re approaching the Capitol building via the flooded street, the pendant can be found in the large gazebo-like structure in the water.

#7: Shiyao Jiang

Inside the flooded subway station after Ellie finds a flashlight, you’ll need to dive into the water to find a room opposite a stairwell in which the Firefly pendant can be found, just past the Smuggler’s Note. You’ll need to emerge for air at least once to prevent yourself from drowning.

Bill’s Town

#8: Hui Wang

The Hui Wang Firefly pendant is located at the top of an RV on the main street in Bill’s town. Climb to the top using the nearby police car.

#9: Alex Raymond Vincent

Found hanging from a lamppost in the area where Ellie, Bill, and Joel are attacked by a horde of infected. The lamppost is located to the left of Sammy’s Diner, near an ambulance. Shoot it down.

#10: Peter Mrozik

Located in the suburbs of Bill’s Town inside an aqua-coloured house. The pendant can be found inside the laundry room on the first floor, although there are infected you’ll need to defeat or sneak past.


#11: Kazden Risk

After passing a military checkpoint, you’ll be at a large camp beside a bookstore filled with hunters. The Firefly pendant can be found at the end of the alley that runs alongside the bookstore behind bookshelves and cabinets. You’ll need to either sneak past or defeat the hunters in the area to grab it safely.

#12: Colby Reed

The Colby Reed Firefly pendant can be found in a stall in the women’s bathroom immediately on your left after dropping down to the first floor of the hotel.

#13: Lucas Rios

Found after following Henry across some roofs and into another building. Do not follow Henry after he unlocks a door to the meeting room. Instead, take the open door opposite into a bathroom, where the pendant can be found inside a stall.

The Suburbs

#14: Josh Scheffler

After awaking on the shore of the river, the next Firefly pendant can be found through a blue net inside the abandoned boat that is accessed through a hole on the main deck.

#15: Robert Righetti

After first entering the sewers, there is a crawl space you can enter immediately on your right. It leads to another room filled with supplies and the pendant on your left.

#16: Eddie Fuentes

After following the main sewer tunnel into a large flooded room, the next pendant can be found underwater at the foot of a crashed car.

#17: Matthew White

After exiting the sewers you’ll find yourself on a long curving street. The pendant can be found at the end of the street hanging from a tree above a swing and slide.

Tommy’s Dam

#18: Ryan Oliverio

Follow Tommy through the dam and cross the large area with machinery into a small room located under the main control room. The pendant can be found beside some supplies.

#19: Brent Pino

The Brent Pino Firefly pendant is found in the sitting room of the first floor of the house Ellie runs to. The room is located at the back of the house to the right of the dining room.

The University

#20: Hope Pino

After making your way through the campus, take a right towards a dead end with several trees. The pendant is hanging off a tree branch on the single tree in the right-hand corner.

#21: Alex Rohner

After galloping up a set of stairs and jumping over a barrier from the main campus square, you’ll need to immediately enter the building on the right. Climb up into the hole in the wall and the pendant can be found on a desk beside the window.

#22: Joe Warren

This Firefly pendant is located in the campus dorm filled with spores and several clickers. The pendant is found on the bloater, which you’ll need to kill to collect.

#23: Eric Griggs

Found outside the science building on a desk in one of two isolated tents on the far side of the courtyard.

#24: Sadie Pearle Hickman

Found inside the science building inside the same lab you scare a trio of monkeys. The pendant can be found on a shelf to the left of the giant whiteboard.

Lakeside Resort

#25: Travis Kristof

After being boosted up by David, the pendant can be found by following the walkway around towards a clicker standing guard outside a small room to your left. Defeat or sneak past the clicker and the pendant is located immediately to your left inside the room on a crate.

#26: Paul D. Braun

When you’re in a large open area filled with cabins, you’ll enter a large house. Sneak through it and head outside towards a gazebo, the pendant can be found on a bench inside it.

Bus Depot

#27: Katerina Perich

Follow the exit ramp of the highway and loop around the school bus. The pendant can be found on the floor beside a white car and some red barrels.

#28: Nicole Hoo

In the quarantine zone with several tents, you can find the pendant hanging from some lights near a knocked-over dumpster beside a large blue tent. You’ll need to shoot it down.

#29: Natalie Hoo

After crawling through the bus, you’ll emerge onto another street with a bus directly ahead on your left. Loop around it to where the Natalie Hoo Firefly pendant can be found on the ground.

The Firefly Lab

#30: Bryony Stewart-Seume

The final Firefly pendant can be found in the main lab past a counter and through a shiv door. The pendant is inside with lots of supplies.

That’s our The Last Of Us Part 1 Firefly pendants guide! We hope the guide helps you find all Firefly pendants within the game and brings you one step closer to unlocking the game’s platinum.

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