The Knight Witch 2

The Knight Witch Is A Metroidvania Shoot ’em Up Game Releasing This Year

Developer Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Team (Super Mega Team) has partnered with Team17 to release its upcoming Metroidvania shoot ’em up game, The Knight Witch.

The game is set in the underground city of Dungeonidas, a once peaceful metropolis that has been besieged by a mysterious threat and their army of war golems. To save the city, you must play as Rayne and use her powers to take on the golems and the mysterious threat.

The Knight Witch uses shoot ’em up gameplay where you’ll need to use Rayne’s magic or weapons to take on enemies. Rayne’s magic is accessed via a deck-building system with over 30 unique spell cards to choose from.

There are also Knight abilities you can upgrade and improve, as well as the ability to customise Rayne’s build to fit your individual playstyle and allow for multiple playthroughs.

Knight Witches become stronger with the gratitude and trust of Dungeonidas’ citizens, and can earn it in various ways and capitalise on them by lying to them or being honest and sharing the painful truth of what’s happened.

Super Mega Team has confirmed that the game was designed as a Metroidvania without barriers and features an auto-aim system, world-altering cheats, and a focused main story navigation system with customisable levels of play.

The Knight Witch is available to wishlist on Steam, and it will launch later this year for PC, Nintendo Switch, and all PlayStation and Xbox consoles. You can check out the trailer below:

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