Hometopia Announcement

The Isn’t Company Announces House Building PC Game Hometopia

Real-life home renovator and game developer couple at The Isn’t Company have announced Hometopia, a house building PC game.

The game, which is expected to launch in January 2022, allows players to build, design, and renovate houses across five distinct neighbourhoods or design and build neighbourhoods or houses from scratch alone or with friends online.

Hometopia offers two main modes; Career and Sandbox. In Sandbox mode, players can build their dream homes without pressure from the housing market or resource limitations. Players can build and share their creations on the Steam Workshop, and in multiplayer can assist other players in creating neighbourhoods by planning plots, laying down roads, creating parks, and designing homes.

In Career mode, players must renovate 30 homes across five neighbourhoods. Players can purchase rundown properties and clean and fix them, improve their layout to meet the needs of the neighbourhood, and put the property on the ever-changing market where potential customers will make bids for the newly refurbished home.

The game can be played in first person or in an overview perspective. It allows for unlimited creativity, allowing you to build everything from scratch, design furniture, change materials of existing items, use a colour wheel to use any colour possible in creations, create plots of any size, and plenty more.

Finally, the game features four main biomes, including Forest, Lake, Desert, and Beach, and it comes with thousands of items, with more available through modding.

Hometopia launches in January 2022 for PC on Steam, and a free demo of the game can be downloaded between October 1st and 7th, 2021. Wishlist the game here, and watch the announcement trailer below:

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