Text-Based RPG Roadwarden Gets September Release Date, New Demo

Moral Anxiety Studio has announced a release date and launched a demo for its upcoming text-based RPG Roadwarden.

The game, which combines high fantasy and medieval elements, follows an explorer hired by a powerful merchant guild to journey to a mysterious peninsula to spread the guild’s influence. While there, you’ll need to explore and gather as much information on the mysterious area as you can.

Roadwarden features a distinct isometric pixel art style, and comes with over 40 hours of gameplay, dialogue options that can branch into hundreds of thousands of text lines, and upgradeable character abilities.

You’ll have to choose your class, either as a warrior, scholar or mage, and will need to create your character’s background and path out their future with unique personal beliefs. You can also shape their personality through interactions with various NPCs.

The game will see you discover the secrets and face the challenges of a hostile fantasy world while unveiling its sinister history. To do so, you’ll need to investigate the world and immerse yourself in dialogue and the game’s various side quests with dozens of NPCs.

Roadwarden will launch on September 8th, 2022, for MacOS, Linux, and PC via Steam and, with a demo available now. Check out the latest trailer below:

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